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Domestic Violence (03:55)


See texts between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III. Police officers testify about responding to an assault; Conrad's father recalls the event. (Credits)

Clinical Analysis (09:10)

Carter's defense attorneys present their case; Dr. Peter Breggin testifies. See texts between Carter, Lynn Roy, Samantha Boardman, and Conrad. Breggin discusses psychiatric medications, suicide attempts, and nightmares.

Carter and Conrad's Relationship (05:19)

Carter's attorney cites the need to examine the totality of the couple's messages. Breggin describes their relationship as abusive and testifies about involuntary intoxication during Carter's trial.

Text Messages (04:06)

The day of Conrad's death, he and Carter and exchange several texts and speak twice. Carter exchanges texts with Samantha Boardman after Conrad's death. Dr. Anne Glowinski discusses involuntary intoxication.

Cross Examination (06:50)

Prosecutor Katie Rayburn asks Breggin several questions about Carter's behavior. Breggin defends his opinion of involuntary intoxication. Experts discuss the drama of Carter's case and the text messaging record.

Carter's Confused Reality (09:06)

Experts discuss the dynamics of Conrad and Carter's relationship. Text messaging limits full communication. Messages between the couple reveal references to "Glee" and Lea Michele.

Questions of Bisexuality (03:32)

Barron discusses Carter's relationship with her teammate Alice and her desire for intensity; Alice denies any romantic involvement. Lynn states that Carter does not live in reality and is not well.

Night of Conrad's Death (03:43)

During the last few weeks of Conrad's life, he often claims he is going to commit suicide. Barron considers Carter's possible mindset the night of his death.

Day Six of the Trial (05:25)

Prosecuting and defense attorneys deliver closing arguments. They cite actions the night of Conrad's death.

Involuntary Manslaughter Verdict (10:10)

People share their thoughts about the case. Judge Moniz deliberates for two days before delivering his decision. The press clamors for comments from the families.

Verdict Perceptions (04:01)

Carter's attorney reflects on the verdict. Barron cites the importance of the calls between Conrad and Carter the night of his death. Conrad and Breggin question the validity of Carter's stories and her claim of rape.

Sentencing Hearing (09:27)

Carter's father requests leniency. Judge Moniz sentences Carter to 2.5 years in jail; Cataldo files a motion to stay the prison sentence until the appeals process is complete.

Update on Carter (01:45)

In February 2019, the appellate court denies Carter's appeal. The Commonwealth files a motion to begin her prison sentence immediately and Judge Moniz revokes the stay of sentence.

Credits: I Love You, Now Die: The Defense (01:07)

Credits: I Love You, Now Die: The Defense

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In an attempt to prove that she was not solely responsible for boyfriend Conrad Roy’s suicide, Michelle Carter’s legal team begins their defense by focusing on Conrad’s relationship with his parents. They next call to the stand clinical psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin as an expert witness to speak to Michelle’s own mental-health issues and her prescribed medications that may have influenced her perception of reality. A deeper dive into texts between the teenagers reveals a more complicated relationship than meets the eye; the defense argues that Michelle took Conrad’s lead when encouraging his suicide and looked to pop culture for inspiration in building up a fantasy around her troubled romance. As the surrounding community remains split on whether Michelle is a murderer or a victim, the judge reaches a verdict in a complex case that could have significant legal consequences.

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