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Your First Day (03:58)


First day tips tell new workers how make a good impression. Topics include arriving ready to work, filling out forms, taking notes, becoming part of a team, work ethics, and appropriate behavior.

Understanding Benefits (03:25)

Employment benefits include child care, subsidized food, health club membership, and payment of professional fees. Common benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Understanding Your Rights (03:15)

Certain rights are guaranteed by law. Topics include discrimination, safe working environment, forced overtime, sexual harassment, whistle blowing, and legal remedies.

Understanding Your Business (04:46)

The habits needed for successful school performance carry over into the workplace. Topics include success habits, company goals, shared vision, pride in product, customer service, ethics, and more.

On the Job - Day to Day (05:00)

Tips for helping an employee get through the "daily grind" are included. Topics include common company rules such as punctuality, chain of command, office politics, and expectations.

How to Ask for a Raise (03:30)

Back up a raise request with solid reasons. Do appropriate research and analysis before making an appointment with the boss. An alternative plan is to ask for other benefits.

When to Move On (03:47)

Reasons for moving on to another job include boredom, an uncomfortable fit with the company, lack of appreciation, or no chance for advancement. Switch jobs in a professional manner. Don't burn bridges.

Credits: Doing The Job: Starting Out and the Daily Grind (00:35)

Credits: Doing The Job: Starting Out and the Daily Grind

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Doing The Job: Starting Out and the Daily Grind

Part of the Series : Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right
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“My first day, my mind was reeling.” “I didn’t want to make any mistakes.” “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do the job.” All of these are common and valid reactions to the first day of employment. But, as this video illustrates, a new hire’s nervousness and uncertainty can be the flipside of excitement, ambition, and an eagerness to learn the ins and outs of the company. Topics include the typical paperwork of the first day, such as tax and health insurance forms; the need to completely understand the employer’s policies on vacation, sick time, retirement funds, and other benefits; and the equally important need to grasp legal concepts of employee rights, sexual harassment, and workplace safety. Pointers on navigating office politics, respecting the chain of command, asking for a raise, and staying alert for new opportunities are also included. A Cambridge Educational Production. Part of the series Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right. (29 minutes)

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