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Film Introduction (01:07)


School is a structured experience compared to searching for and finding a new career.

Choosing the Right Career for You (03:33)

Analyzing how your view yourself and how you want others to see you is important as career goals come into focus. Become self-aware; take stock of personal values; decide what you want; and plan a way to get there.

Assessment Tests (04:28)

Assessment testing can point job searchers in the direction of specific careers. Testing can provide a measure of career maturity. There are a multitude of test types that can be accessed at a cost or free.

Informational Interviewing (04:16)

Informational interviews can be as informal as a casual conversation with people about their jobs and industries. Job seekers must prepare in many of the same ways as for job interviews.

Occupational Classification Systems (02:53)

Most labor market databases are available online through the Department of Labor. Data on the labor market is organized by groups of occupations. Several database collections are shown and reviewed.

References and Recommendation Letters (02:52)

Be prepared with a strong list of references at job interviews. References include co-workers, supervisors, and past employers. People without work experience choose teachers, counselors, and more.

Job Training Options (05:16)

Job training options include graduate or trade school, apprenticeships, internships, on-the-job training, volunteering, and service learning. A review of 2 and 4-year colleges, trade schools, and technical colleges is provided.

Credits: Before You Apply: Job and Skills Evaluation (00:37)

Credits: Before You Apply: Job and Skills Evaluation

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Before You Apply: Job and Skills Evaluation

Part of the Series : Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right
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School is over and it’s time to go out and get your dream job—but what is that, exactly? Determining a career choice, or a career path, is one of the hardest things to do in life. This video helps new graduates and beginning job seekers clarify their professional goals and find jobs that fit their skills, passions, priorities, and long-term plans. Viewers learn how to use assessment tests—focusing on values, interests, or aptitude and achievement—to identify strengths and challenges; how to make the most of occupational classification systems that describe industries and labor markets in detail; how to obtain references and letters of recommendation that underscore past experience and future potential; and how to explore job training options, whether they involve on-the-job instruction, further academic coursework, or a combination of both. A Cambridge Educational Production. Part of the series Get Hired and Go: The Complete Guide To Getting a Job and Doing It Right. (26 minutes)

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