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Technology and Audio (04:16)


CEO Pascal Pilon explains how LANDR uses artificial intelligence to analyze audio content, mastering, and cost. The company analyzes of 300,000 songs every month.

Top Innovations (02:27)

In California, the Mars Cube One project will test small satellites in deep space. In Japan, the MELTANT-a mimics human movement. In Connecticut, researchers are designing hydrogels that change shape.

Technology and Healthcare (06:21)

Think Research CEO Sachin Aggarwal discusses reinventing the enterprise workflow. OnCall Health Co-Founder Nicholas Chepesiuk discusses efficient app use. The men consider privacy, liability, standardization, and cost. Iron Ox grows vegetables with the help of AI and robotics.

Ingestible Batteries (04:42)

Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor Christopher Bettinger discusses the focus on melanin, battery life, how long it will stay in the GI tract, regulatory processes, and countering resistance.

Startup Capital (05:25)

Clearbanc Co-Founder Michele Romanow discusses using data for underwriting, funding marketing, machine intelligence, risk, and growth. Anthony Lacavera and Michael Bancroft reflect on show topics.

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 16 (00:22)

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 16

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 16

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A cyborg startup blends man with machine, an algorithm masters audio recordings and robots manage a vegetable garden. Plus, Anthony and Michael speak with a scientist pioneering batteries that are safe to eat. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Featured guests include: Pascal Pilon, CEO, LANDR; Sachin Aggarwal, CEO, Think Research; Nicholas Chepesiuk, Co-Founder and CEO, OnCall Health; Christopher Bettinger, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University and Michele Romanow, Co-Founder and President, Clearbanc.

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