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Autonomous Vehicles (04:26)


Several startups are creating high definition maps for self-driving cars. CARMERA Co-founder Ro Gupta discusses navigation, keeping maps current, and data collection.

Top Innovations (02:28)

In California, Wordsmith is developing a wearable keyboard and mouse. In Japan, drone enthusiasts use MOVERIO smart glasses and the SoAR app to make flying easier. In France, the Aeolus satellite will track wind patterns.

Workspace Job Automation (05:04)

B12 Co-founder Nitesh Banta explains how the company builds, manages, and optimizes websites. Founder Dennis Mortensen discusses saving time with a virtual assistant and human/machine interaction. Japanese researchers are developing an autonomous robot that can install drywall.

Technology and the Environment (04:30)

Carbon Engineering converts carbon into fuel. CEO Steve Oldham discusses carbon capture, benefits of the closed loop system, real world applications, the impact on the global transport industry, and challenges.

Blockchain Startups (06:40)

Meridio Co-founder Mohammad Shaikh discusses applying the technology to the real estate industry, reducing transaction time and costs, and gaining trust. Anthony Lacavera and Michael Bancroft reflect on show topics.

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 13 (00:23)

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 13

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 13

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Cameras map out streets for self-driving cars, a keyboard fits into a glove and a robot installs drywall. Plus, Anthony and Michael speak with the startup turning air pollution into liquid fuel. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Featured guests include: Ro Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, CARMERA; Dennis Mortensen, Founder and CEO,; Nitesh Banta, Co-Founder and CEO, B12; Steve Oldham, CEO, Carbon Engineering and Mohammad Shaikh, Director of Strategy, ConsenSys, Co-Founder, Meridio.

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