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Data Collection and Management (04:22)


StreamSets Co-founder Girish Pancha discusses streamlining data flows, data drift, cost savings, and revenue.

Top Innovations (02:45)

In Luxembourg, therapists use the QTrobot to help autistic children learn social skills. In Utah, experts at Nikola Motor continue the development of a hydrogen-powered semi-truck. In Guangzhou, China, experts use over 1,300 programmed drones to create a light show.

Autonomous Robotics (06:04)

Silicon Valley Robotics Managing Director Andra Keay discusses the progression of the robotics industry and prominent capabilities. Anki Co-founder Mark Palatucci discusses consumer robotics commercialization, price point, and system integration. See the Minitaur robot in action.

Astronaut Scott Kelly (05:21)

Kelly discusses skill sets and personality traits necessary for astronauts to thrive in space, landing on Mars, the space industry, and the most important thing he learned aboard the ISS.

Technology and Healthcare (04:38)

The annual cost of Diabetes in the U.S. is approximately $327 billion. Virta Health Founder Sami Inkinen discusses treatment that can reverse Type II Diabetes and company goals. Anthony Lacavera and Michael Bancroft reflect on show topics.

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 10 (00:24)

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 10

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 10

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A software platform unifies disparate data, a thousand drones set a world record, and a healthcare startup helps reverse diabetes. Plus, Michael and Anthony speak with astronaut Scott Kelly about what it will take to put humans on Mars. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Other featured guests include: Girish Pancha, Co-Founder & CEO, StreamSets; Mark Palatucci, Co-Founder, Head of Cloud AI & Machine Learning, Anki; Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics and Sami Inkinen, Founder & CEO, Virta Health.

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