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Introduction: Inside the EU: Episode 2 (03:02)


Approximately 7,000 people work at the European Parliament in Brussels. Hermann Kelly, the United Kingdom Independent Party press officer, meets "The London Times" correspondent to discuss potential stories.

British Delegations (05:01)

UKIP has 24 Members of the European Parliament. Catherine Bearder is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and publicly opposes Brexit. Guy Verhofstadt meets with Anthony Clifford Grayling to brainstorm ways to keep the UK in the EU.

Press Officer Duties (02:01)

Kelly updates Nigel Farage on the latest newspaper stories about Brexit. Press releases have a large effect on public opinion. Kelly supports using tragedies to further political goals.

Derailing Brexit (05:31)

The British Labour Party receives 40% of the vote in the general election. Bearder attends a summit of liberal leaders with Verhofstadt and Juha Sipila. New MEP Wajid Khan arrives mid-term to represent the Northwest of England.

Official Opinions (05:10)

Gerard Batten wants the British people to understand the cost of remaining in the EU. Kelly suggests using a Federalist to call the resolution. Bearder and other "Remainer" MEPs discuss confidential briefings on strategy. Verhofstadt asks parliament to stop negotiations.

Voting Session (04:07)

The EU and UK have not agreed on the rights of European citizens,the divorce bill, and issues surrounding Northern Ireland. Dance does not get speaking time, but hopes to address Parliament during the "catch-the-eye" portion. MEPs pass the motion to stop negotiations.

Political Advice (06:27)

Khan attends as many events as possible to learn about the European Parliament. Passion helps create change. Batten plans to propose his tax plan to UKIP; Kelly does not dictate policy.

State of the Union Address (06:54)

David Davis writes a letter to Vince Cable calling for Bearder's dismissal. Farage and Verhofstadt respond to Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union Address. Kelly manages the media to ensure emphasis of the UKIP's message.

First Public Address (05:50)

Khan prepares to deliver a one-minute speech in Strasbourg; he earns a seat on the foreign affairs committee. Kelly searches for news to embarrass the EU.

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 2 (00:38)

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 2

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Inside the EU: Episode 2

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In this episode, we watch how MEPs, and their assistants and advisors try to manipulate the policies and stories that come in front of the European parliament. We see UKIP's Press Officer, Hermann Kelly, criticize the EU, Liberal Democrat, Catherine Bearder negotiate by any means available, and a new MEP make his maiden speech to the parliamentary chamber. 

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