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European Parliament (04:19)


There are 751 Members of Parliament; the UK is the third largest member state. Seb Dance opposes the UK leaving the EU. Alyn Smith holds a reception for Scottish charities to meet MEPs; he is disappointed that a political opponent does not participate in conversation. (Credits)

Rights of European Citizens Hearing (07:26)

Dance prepares for a hearing with Guy Verhofstadt, the chief Brexit negotiator. Over 300 politicians, experts, United Kingdom Independence Party members, and witnesses attend. Gerard Batten speaks a minute and a half over his allotted time and leaves to address the press.

Leaving the EU (03:39)

Prime Minister Theresa May invokes Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, triggering the member state's withdrawal. Dance gives interviews to the press stating his opposition. Hermann Kelly works with Nigel Farage to aid the UKIP party; Batten prepares the UKIP exit strategy.

Creating Parliamentary Policy and Legislation (03:57)

Dance needs to convince the majority of MEPs to pass his proposal. Hermann Kelly meets with Ray Finch about Batten's proposal for Brexit. Dance addresses the environmental committee on his sustainable development policies.

Progress on Sustainable Development Report (03:43)

Batten and Kelly strategize the release of the Brexit document. The environment committee decides to support Dance's proposal. Kelly re-writes Batten's speech.

Press Release (03:11)

Batten films a public service announcement about the Brexit proposal. Kelly will attempt to generate interest through social media because Batten refuses to hold a press conference with Farage.

Stalled Sustainable Development Report (03:11)

Controversy erupts between cattle farmers and the environmental lobby. UKIPs do not produce parliamentary legislation reports because they reject the political system. In an interview, Batten describes why the UK should not provide financial remuneration for leaving the EU.

Strasbourg (03:50)

Twelve times a year, MEPs leave Brussels for the monthly voting session. Batten places UK flags on all the UKIP party members' desks. Dance and Stewart prepare for the plenary on his report.

Challenge to Sustainable Development Report (02:26)

Dance worries that The Green United Left will derail the report. The European Conservatives and Reformists will vote as the European People's Party does.

Voting Day in Strasbourg (08:27)

Two hours before the vote, Dance learns that members of his own party are challenging the EU Action on Sustainability because too many compromises have been made. Batton does not want EU legislation. Dance's report passes and becomes a resolution.

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 1 (00:37)

Credits: Inside the EU: Episode 1

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In Brussels, we find festering animosity between British members of parliament at an all-time high. While we see Labour MEP, Seb Dance go head to head with UKIP's Brexit spokesman, Gerard Batten, we also follow other daily work inside the EU: the parliament decamps to Strasbourg, and a contentious environmental report gets voted on. 

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