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Introduction: Sextortion on the Internet (02:27)


Irish media personality Vogue Williams explores online harassment and misogyny, having once found a doctored image of herself on a porn site. Women are being targeted in large numbers by trolls and sexual predators.

Abduction by Child Molester (08:55)

Alicia Kozakiewicz campaigns to make the Internet a safer place for young girls. She recalls her own harrowing experiences, being groomed and kidnapped by an online predator at 13. Williams discusses sex crimes and revenge porn with “Targeted and Trolled” author Rossalyn Warren.

Pedophile Hunters (10:45)

Williams meets Neil and Katie Ivall, a couple which tracks online molesters. The Ivalls spend hours every night chatting with their prey, baiting them in the guise of innocent children. They publicly confront predators and turn them over to police.

Catfishing and Revenge Porn (06:48)

Williams interviews model Molly Carpenter, whose images were stolen and used to create a fake Tinder profile. She visits Barrister Fergal Crehan of the Hit Team, an Irish firm that helps clients remove fake and embarrassing content from the Internet.

Sexist Harassment and Civil Suit (10:38)

Broadcaster Aoife Wilson is the most successful Irish woman in the online gaming world, which makes her a constant target for misogynist trolls. YouTube star Chrissie Chambers discusses the lawsuit she filed against her ex-boyfriend for posting revenge porn.

Legal Expert (03:41)

Human Rights Lawyer Ann Olivarius explains what is legal and what is not legal when it comes to posting revenge porn. She explains that Chambers must prove her ex-boyfriend posted sex videos to intentionally inflict harm if she wants to win her lawsuit.

Fighting Back (06:31)

Williams visits activist Charlotte Laws—the “Erin Brockovich of revenge porn”—whose efforts landed pornographer Hunter Moore in prison. Laws revisits the family circumstances that inspired her cause. Many victims of revenge porn suffer from psychological distress or even commit suicide.

Credits: Sextortion and the Internet (00:38)

Credits: Sextortion and the Internet

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Vogue Williams returns to investigate one of the most pressing issues affecting the lives of today's social media generation. In Sextortion and the Internet, she shines a light on the impact of online bullying, grooming, phishing, catfishing, and scamming. She meets cyber-victims who’ve been trolled to the point of suicidal depression, from a woman who was kidnapped and raped by a man she met online as a child to a YouTube star filing a lawsuit against an ex-boyfriend for posting revenge porn. Along the way, Williams meets experts who explain why and how women become targets on the Internet and give advice on how to avoid the most harmful pitfalls of social media.

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