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Introduction: Culture of Complicity (01:09)


Host Zainab Salbi returns for the fourth episode of “#MeToo, Now What?” which examines the toxic culture that allows sexual harassment and assault to thrive. Her panel includes Teen Vogue Editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Madonna Badger of advertising agency Badger & Winters, and filmmaker Byron Hurt.

#Women Not Objects (05:13)

Badger’s short film highlights how advertisers objectify women. The level to which women’s bodies are objectified is so commonplace we do no longer notice it, Mukhopadhyay says. Salbi talks to game designer Sheri Graner Ray about how women are portrayed in video games, and the panel discusses pornography.

Role of Social Media (03:27)

Salbi interviews writer Gabrielle Noel, who says she feels empowered by posting provocative photos of herself on Instagram. Panelists discuss the balance between freedom of expression and contributing to a culture of objectification.

Thigh Gaps and Pouty Lips (03:27)

Another of Badger’s films highlights unhealthy responses to unrealistic beauty standards, including girls who have disfigured themselves with the dangerous but trendy Kylie Jenner challenge. Panelists discuss the media landscape that distorts young women’s worldview.

Price of Speaking Out (04:33)

Salbi interviews advertising executive Lisa Leone, who recalls the pressure to ignore sexist behavior in order to get ahead in her industry. Badger confesses she would advise Leone to keep quiet with millions of dollars at stake, but Hurt pushes back.

Music Industry Misogyny (02:37)

Salbi interviews music producers Buda Da Future and Grandz Muzik, and director Navegante, who have worked with rapper Rick Ross. The panel discusses degrading imagery in hip-hop and music videos.

Future of Time's Up Movement (04:11)

The panel discusses objectification of women in advertising and magazines. Badger worked on the highly sexual Marky Mark and Kate Moss Calvin Klein campaigns. "Sports Illustrated" featured naked women with words of self-empowerment written on their bodies.

Credits: Culture of Complicity (00:34)

Credits: Culture of Complicity

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Episode 4: The Culture of Complicity (#MeToo, Now What?)

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In this episode, we examine how mainstream cultural norms in music, advertisement, publications, gaming, and pornography have created an overtly sexualized and objectified image of women that has impacted social norms and the behavior of men and women.

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