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Introduction: Masculinity in Crisis? (01:18)


Zainab Salbi will examine men’s reactions to #MeToo. Actor Liam Neeson calls it a witch hunt, TV host Bill Maher equates it with McCarthyism, while others say it has been vital to exposing injustice.

Respect is the Minimum (04:42)

Salbi interviews men who discuss socialization, rejection, and “locker room talk.” Professor Michael Kimmel, talk show host John Fugelsang, and author Mychal Denzel Smith join her to discuss the culture of complicity and immaturity.

Harassment (01:48)

Salbi addresses the criticisms that #MeToo does not differentiate between microaggressions and more serious transgressions against women. Smith describes how small behaviors can accumulate to make daily life precarious for women.

Victim Blaming (09:26)

Salbi interviews two women about “slut shaming” and the tendency of many to blame women for being complicit. Panelists discuss women’s autonomy, consent, and a publicized incident involving Aziz Ansari.

Is Fear the Solution? (05:51)

Pamela Orr advocates “flushing out” male offenders, even the "so-called good guys." Panelists discuss the merits of making men afraid, younger men’s beliefs about gender boundaries, and a tweet from President Donald Trump.

Church Response (01:36)

Pastor Zach Lambert does not feel church leaders have done a good job of speaking up for women who have suffered sexual harassment and assault. Panelists discuss men’s apologies and what is at stake if men do not change their behavior.

Credits: Masculinity in Crisis? (00:32)

Credits: Masculinity in Crisis?

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Episode 3: Masculinity in Crisis? (#MeToo, Now What?)

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Has the #MeToo movement gone too far? Find out why some men think it has, while others are calling for men to step-up and reexamine the cultural meaning of masculinity and manhood.

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