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Introductions: Barristers: Episode 1 (02:58)


The United Kingdom bans cameras in the courtroom. The barristers want to show how they administer justice. Mark Mulholland provides a tour of the Bar Library. (Credits)

Barristers or Solicitors? (05:29)

Barristers are advocates in the courtroom and should be objective. Orlagh McGahan specializes in children's law and fights for a mother who is not allowed to see her children. The trust places restrictions on the time and location for visitation.

Replying Affidavit (03:02)

Frank O’Donoghue represents the mother of a murdered man and a trade union. He is attempting to stop former officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary from working in law enforcement.

Case Against NIE (04:36)

Ciaran Hampson specializes in business disputes. Northern Ireland Electricity's pylons are located on an individual's land without compensation. Progress at the Land's Tribunal has been slow.

Judicial Reviews (05:16)

Viv Hardy represents the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance who worries about RUC officers working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland; a mistake in an affidavit can undermine a case. O'Donoghue presents the applicant's case before the judge.

Children's Court (04:29)

Family law is the most stressful and creates the highest impact; a father refuses to attend the consultation. Change of circumstances happen frequently.

Trial Outcome (02:43)

O'Donoghue's arguments impress Raymond McCord. The judge rejects McCord and NIPSA's attempt at stopping the rehiring of former RUC officers and the use of private firms. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Barristers: Episode 1 (01:13)

Credits: Barristers: Episode 1

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Barristers: Episode 1

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A mother fights to gain access to her children; there’s a challenge to re-hiring former Royal Ulster Constabulary officers; and a test case is heading to court seeking compensation for people living under electricity pylons.

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