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Altai Mountains: Western Mongolia (08:53)


Joe Rohde locates snow leopard tracks and sketches the landscape. He discusses traveling, his plan for Mongolia, and helping snow leopard conservation.

Mongolian Landscape (07:51)

Mongolia is the first country to achieve independence from the Soviet Union. Rohde and his team travel to the Altai Mountains where they transfer gear to camels and meet a Tuvan herder who explains the spirit of the land. Rohde sketches Shiveet Khairkhan and stretches canvas.

Landscape Painting (06:16)

Rohde wakes to snow and chooses the subject matter for his painting; he discusses control and composition. Rohde creates a paint sketch while the large painting dries and later express thoughts about expedition equipment.

Travel Conditions (06:55)

The team packs gear onto two camels and begins their trek; Rohde examines ancient markings. He and Bagi discuss the route and changing travel time. Conditions reveal the need for a third camel and a stay at a Kazakh yurt camp.

Yurt Studio Painting (02:18)

Rohde prepares a canvas and makes a camel hair brush. He references sketches to create two paintings; snow leopards remain elusive.

Expansive Landscape (06:05)

Rohde presents the Kazakh host with a portrait before the team resumes its journey. He reflects on the snow leopard, its prey, and habitat. The team passes through goat herds, locates animal tracks, and makes camp at Lake Khoton.

"Shapers of the Earth" (07:26)

Rohde laments losing his glove; Dallahan accidentally breaks his pliers. Rohde creates landscape paintings and reflects on snow leopard habitat. The team makes camp and Dallahan talks about natural time; Rohde reflects on humans marking the land.

Altai Interior Range (03:27)

The team arrives at Jargalant and yurts become a common shelter. Scientists examine Rohde's photographs and take the team to camera trap locations; they discuss myth and legend.

Sacred Tree Painting (01:53)

Locals direct Rohde to the subject of his final painting. He reflects on the land and the importance of snow leopards. The expedition raises over $50,000 for conservation.

Credits: The Leopard in the Land (01:33)

Credits: The Leopard in the Land

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Artist and Disney designer Joe Rohde sets out on a month-long horseback expedition across the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia with the intention of painting large scale landscapes to raise funds for snow leopard conservation. Through his journey, and interactions with Mongolians from across the country, we learn more about their history and culture, as well as the geographic diversity that exists in this sparsely populated country. We travel through the grassy steppe and the snowy mountain peaks, learning about the landscape, the people in their traditional dwellings, as well as how they work with horses and camels.

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