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"Love's Labour's Lost": Act I, Scene 1: The Pledge (10:54)


Ferdinand, the King of Navarre, asks that his three lords, Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine sign a contract establishing a new school; rules include one meal per day, three hours of sleep a night, and no time with women. The princess of France is arriving to discuss the surrender of Aquitaine.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act I, Scene 1: Entertainment (07:14)

Ferdinand hires a Spaniard to entertain the students. Don Adriano de Armado condemns Costard for having a relationship with Jaquenetta.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act I, Scene 2: Studying at the Academy (05:58)

Armado confesses that he is in love with Jaquenetta. Moth comforts his employer by comparing him to Hercules and Sampson.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act I, Scene 2: Costard Arrives (03:41)

Costard is sentenced to fast three times a week. Jaquenetta is sent to the dairy farm. Armado vows to write an entire book of love sonnets dedicated to Jaquenetta.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act II, Scene 1: Princess Arrives (05:05)

Boyet encourages the Princess of France to be bold when negotiating her father's terms. Rosaline, Maria, and Katherine appraise Longaville, Dumaine, and Berowne. Ferdinand refuses the French dignitaries entrance to his home.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act II, Scene 1: Negotiations (08:35)

The princess affirms that the debt owed to Ferdinand has been paid in full. Katherine and Rosaline rebuff Berowne's advances. Boyet comments that Ferdinand is smitten with the princess.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act III, Scene 1: Love-Struck (04:57)

The court sings about an African king who fell in love with a woman. Moth insults his master without Armado noticing.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act III, Scene 1: Love Letters (07:40)

Costard has a broken shin and is starving. Armado asks him to deliver a letter to Jaquenetta promising remuneration. Lord Berowne has a message for Rosaline.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 1: The Hunt (10:31)

The princess plans to kill a deer to win praise. Costard accidentally delivers Armado's letter for Jaquenetta. After reading the letter, the Princess informs Costard of the mistake; Rosaline refuses to read it.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Word Play (05:46)

Holofernes and Sir Nathaniel discuss the deer the Princess shot down. The academics laugh at Dull's malapropisms.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Letter Arrives (05:26)

Jaquenetta asks Nathaniel to read the letter which she claims was written by Armado. Holofernes discovers it was written by Berowne to Rosaline. Costard is commissioned to deliver the letter to Ferdinand because it is a betrayal of the Berowne's oath.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 3: Hiding (12:18)

The King and his lords watch one another reveal their secret feelings of love. Berowne reveals the king is most likely in love with the princess and insists he is the only innocent man. Ferdinand reprimands the men for breaking their oath.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Treason (10:33)

Costard informs the king that he has a letter from Armado. Berowne tears up the letter and confesses his love for Rosaline. The men decide to relinquish their vow and devise a plan to woo the ladies.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act V, Scene 1: Entertainment for the Princess (09:09)

Holofernes and Sir Nathaniel complain about Armado flowery and elaborate language. The group plans to present a pageant of the "Nine Worthies."

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Making Fun of the Men (06:40)

The women share the love tokens and letters each received. After Boyet reveals the men's disguises, the princess convinces her ladies to mask their faces and exchange the gifts to fool the men.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Disguised as Muscovites (06:09)

Each man professes his love to the person wearing his love tokens. The women do not return the emotions and the men leave puzzled.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: Taunting the Men (10:48)

The ladies tell the men about the Muscovite fools who came earlier. Eventually, the women confess they exchanged gifts. The men apologize.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: The Nine Worthies (12:16)

Holofernes, Sir Nathaniel, Costard, Moth, and Armado perform the pageant. The four lords and Boyet heckle the play. Costard reveals that Armado got Jaquenetta pregnant.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Act IV, Scene 2: News from France (13:32)

Mercado shares that the king has died. The princess and her ladies declare that the men must wait a year and a day to prove their love is lasting. "The Nine Worthies" perform the finale for the court.

"Love's Labour's Lost": Curtain Call (01:33)

The cast receives a standing ovation for their performances.

Credits: Love's Labour's Lost (02:25)

Credits: Love's Labour's Lost

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A king and three friends swear off women to devote themselves to their studies just as a princess and three ladies arrive on a diplomatic mission. In Love's Labour's Lost, Shakespeare delivers a touching and funny coming-of-age story with a twist ending, beautifully told in this “vibrant” and “sublime” Stratford Festival production.

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