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Clams (06:36)


Bobby Bognar joins a fourth generation clam-kicker in North Carolina; they prepare and drive a specialized boat into Core Sound. They dredge the sea bed, and sort smaller specimens out of the catch.

Pasta (04:58)

D. Maldari and Sons manufactures extrusion dies used to shape noodles into uniform size and shape. A machine precision cuts designs. The forms are then pounded into the support, finishing the product.

Pine Nuts (06:24)

Bognar aids Continental Divide Pinyon Company harvesters with a wild forest crop. Workers rake duff from beneath trees and load it into a processing machine; nuts are cleaned, dried, sorted, shelled, and peeled.

Artichokes (05:08)

At Ocean Mist Farms, workers hand cut vegetables, storing them in canastas until delivery to an on-site packing machine. They are sorted, boxed, and chilled in a Hydrovac cooler before shipment to stores.

Balsamic Vinegar (05:59)

At Corey Vineyards, worker harvest and press grapes before cooking the juice, creating mosto cotto. The product ferments for six months, ages for two years in barrels, and then rotates through various wood vessels for over ten years.

Gelato (06:40)

Bognar helps Ciao Bella factory workers make a java batch; they mix a base of water, cream, stabilizer, and sugar with coffee concentrate, grounds, and heavy cream. After chilling ten minutes, workers pack the treat and transfer it to containers for blast chilling.

Espresso (08:04)

In Costa Rica, workers hand pick coffee cherries. They separate the beans from the fruits, which are then dried, peeled, and bagged. Royal Cup Coffee workers roast and blend the beans; Bognar samples a fresh brew.

Credits: Italian Dinner (00:26)

Credits: Italian Dinner

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Italian Dinner

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For generations, people have been gathering around the table to experience the traditional recipes of America's most popular ethnic cuisine—Italian food.

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