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Egg Rolls (08:21)


Bobby Bognar visits Wonton Food Incorporated. Workers combine shredded celery, cabbage, and beansprouts; place the mixture on wraps cut from sheet noodles; and seal the wrap with egg before frying the appetizer.

Soy Sauce (05:32)

Yamasa manufactures nearly two million gallons of sauce annually. Workers combine soy grit with wheat and cultures and then steam the mixture for 48 hours. A mixture of Koji mash and brine undergoes fermentation; liquids are separated and bottled for consumption.

Peking Duck (09:13)

Bognar visits a farm where they breed, hatch, and raise ducklings. After four weeks, workers slaughter and prepare the fowl; they stuff spices inside before sealing and cooking the meat.

Oyster Sauce (09:54)

Bognar tours a mollusk farm. When the mollusk are large enough, workers dump them into the bay. After three years, workers harvest, shuck, and concentrate the shellfish. The mash goes to Lee Kum factory where it is combined with other ingredients, cooked, and bottled.

Fold-Pak (05:07)

Chinese takeout boxes are an American invention. Rolls of clay and polyethylene coated paper board arrive at a factory where it is fed into a printer, cut, and creased. A machine folds and glues the sheets into containers.

Fortune Cookies (05:35)

Bognar observes the mixing room at Wonton Food Incorporated where confection ingredients are combined. A conveyor sandwich griddle cooks the batter. While still soft, fortunes are placed atop the treat, and a machine folds the paper inside.

Credits: Chinese Take Out (00:22)

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Since an influx of Chinese immigrants to America in the mid 1800s, Americans have devoured Chinese take-out. But have you ever wondered what's really in an egg roll?

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