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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (02:11)


Patients experience anxiety without provocation about a range of topics. GAD is the least researched of the anxiety disorders.

Diagnosing GAD (03:35)

Learn about diagnostic criteria and hereditary risk factors.

Additional Symptoms (03:08)

GAD patients often anticipate disaster; excessive worrying can interfere with work and social life. They may experience muscle tension, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, irritability, headaches, hot flashes, and shortness of breath. Symptoms mimic other conditions; diagnosing GAD can be difficult.

Coping Behaviors (03:33)

Some theories propose that depression and anxiety share a common root. GAD often occurs with substance abuse or other anxiety disorders. Patients may engage in repeated checking, excessive reassurance seeking, distraction, or self-medication measures. They often develop "catastrophic" cognitive styles.

Treating GAD (04:42)

Behavioral therapy includes noticing and consciously stopping negative thoughts and scheduling worry “sessions.” Breathing techniques, mindfulness, and exercise can decrease anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches people to react differently to situations that trigger symptoms.

Credits: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (00:39)

Credits: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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In this program you will learn the criteria for having a Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the manner in which anxiety can become a pervasive reality in peoples’ lives. We will examine the emerging link between depression and anxiety and some of the limitations that can arise for individuals who struggle daily with this disorder.

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