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Cognitive Impairment Causes (04:43)


Chronic illnesses often contribute to mental and behavioral changes. Functional mental disorders include depression; organic mental disorders include delirium and senile dementia. Hear symptoms of each and learn about ways to improve quality of life for depressed clients.

Cognitively Impaired Clients (02:48)

Dementia is not an inevitable result of aging. People suffering functional or organic mental disorders and that are hospitalized are at risk of regression. Away from their normal routine, they may become confused and display personality or behavioral disturbances

Caring for Senile Dementia Clients (07:04)

The cognitive decline is caused by disease, rather than the normal aging process. Care-giving tips include using distraction in response to repeated questions, taking advantage of client likes and abilities, avoiding confrontation, keeping clients active, and reassuring clients.

Wandering (02:27)

Wandering may be caused by disorientation or general confusion. Hear care-giving tips on providing a safe environment for cognitively impaired clients.

Bathing (04:07)

Understand why cognitively impaired clients may be resistant to bathing. Care-giving tips include simplifying the bathing process, posting a bathing schedule, and providing choices.

Credits: Interactive Skills - Congitively Impaired Client (00:43)

Credits: Interactive Skills - Congitively Impaired Client

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Interactive Skills - Congitively Impaired Client

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Homemaker / Companion Series: In this program we will examine how chronic illnesses contribute to mental and behavioral changes. You will learn the difference between delirium and depression as well as focus on cause and proper response. Discuss and understand the various warning signs of depression and review the types of functional and organic disorders.

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