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Part A: Introduction (03:12)


Temperature scales have two fixed, reproducible points with designated values—Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. Scientists and engineers use the Kelvin Scale; minus 273ºC, or zero Kelvin, is the coldest possible temperature.

Part B: Colder and Colder (05:36)

The speed of atoms and molecules increases with heat and decreases with cold; average kinetic energy determines temperature. Learn various planetary temperatures. Minus 273ºC is the coldest possible temperature.

Part C: Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (03:29)

See a bi-metal strip demonstration of expansion and contraction. Learn the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for common materials and the equation to calculate changes in length. Reinforced concrete is integral to construction.

Part D: Kelvins (06:25)

See a balloon demonstration of expansion and contraction; different gases expand and contract by the same amount as temperatures change. Lord Kelvin determines that minus 273ºC is the coldest possible temperature and creates the Kelvin Scale.

Part E: What's So Good about the Kelvin Scale? (04:21)

Kelvin allows scientists and engineers to apply mathematics to heat and temperature processes with more ease than other temperature scales. Briefly review content from previous episodes.

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 4—The Kelvin Scale (00:26)

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 4—The Kelvin Scale

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Episode 4: The Kelvin Scale

Part of the Series : Shedding Light on Heat
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In this program, we look at the temperature scale that in many ways is superior to the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Zero on the Kelvin scale is equal to -273°C. And why is -273°C so special? Because that’s the coldest temperature you can get!

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