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Part A: Introduction (01:51)


This episode examines expansion and contraction and how they relate to temperature changes. Review temperature and the Kinetic Theory of Matter.

Part B: Expansion and Contraction in Solids (06:53)

Most solids expand when heated and contract when cooled; see demonstrations. Expansion and contraction are vital factors in large bridge and building construction. Review the Kinetic Theory of Matter; thermal expansion is expansion caused by heat.

Part C: Thermal Expansion in Liquids and Gases (07:25)

Liquids expand when heated at a faster rate than solids. Average temperatures around the world have increased by nearly one degree Celsius. Gases expand when heated faster than liquids and solids; learn about steam power.

Part D: Water: An Important Exception (04:03)

Water contracts as it cools and molecules vibrate with less energy. Contraction stops at 4ºC; expansion begins when temperatures drop below 4ºC. Ice is less dense than liquid water and floats. Review temperature scales.

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 3—Thermal Expansion (00:26)

Credits: Shedding Light on Heat: Episode 3—Thermal Expansion

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Episode 3: Thermal Expansion

Part of the Series : Shedding Light on Heat
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In this program, we look at the fact that substances expand when they get hot and contract when they get cold and we explain why they do. We look at how thermal expansion can be a real nuisance, but also how we can put thermal expansion to good use for the good of the world!

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