Titles in this Series

Great Italian Opera in Vienna

Item #: 188323

Music Novelties from Vienna

Item #: 188324

Puccini In Lucca

Item #: 188325

Lucca City of Opera

Item #: 188326

Puccini - Italy's Maestro

Item #: 188327

The Genius of Mozart

Item #: 188328

Opera's Greatest Love Stories

Item #: 188329

Women In Opera

Item #: 188330

Great Opera In Vienna

Item #: 188331

Great Opera In Vienna II

Item #: 188332

Great Opera In Vienna III

Item #: 188333

Vive La France !

Item #: 188334

Quick March!

Item #: 188335

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Italian conductor, Andrea Colombini, shares his favourite classical arias as he curates musical collections from the medieval Tuscan city of Lucca and the famous Golden Hall in Vienna. Interpreted by the accomplished Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra, this is a collection of musical treats as Andrea contextualises the genius of Mozart, the masters of Italian Opera, the popularity of Puccini and the grandeur of Wagner. Prepare for an emotional musical journey that pairs some of the best Italian Opera singers with this fine orchestra. Under Andrea’s expert baton, we will experience a passionate interpretation of some of the most popular opera classics ever written

Length: 650 minutes

Item#: BVL188322

Copyright date: ©2019

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