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Nissan: Introduction (02:09)


This film will investigate how Nissan rebounded from a $6 billion loss. Today, the company produces 5 million cars every year.

Global Brand (07:50)

Nissan is a source of national pride. The Nissan Heritage Collection includes iconic cars that date back to the 1930s; the 240Z is one of the fastest-selling sports cars of all time. In the 1990s, Nissan starts to struggle.

Failing Company (07:41)

Nissan floods the car market with a series of bland sedans aimed at families; it is late to join the sports utility vehicle trend. Global sales fall over 10% in five years.

Renault Intervention (04:09)

CEO Carlos Ghosn recognizes Nissan’s dire situation; the company is nearing bankruptcy. Renault purchases 36.8% of Nissan in March 1999.

"Le Cost Killer" (06:40)

Nissan's debts total $20 billion. Ghosn, viewed as an outsider, becomes CEO. He outlines plans to change Nissan during his first press conference.

Automobile Production (04:42)

Ghosn understands the importance of an efficient production line. He disbands the seniority rule and makes employees work together in cross-functional teams. The company makes $3 billion in 2001.

Industry Pioneer (07:41)

Hiroto Saikawa becomes CEO in April 2017. Nissan releases the Leaf in 2010; it is the world’s best-selling fully electric vehicle. Nissan’s approach to design has changed dramatically since the Renault alliance.

Singapore Trends (02:01)

Nissan leads the market in crossover cars. Collector Mark Chow prefers the style of Nissan’s older designs. One in 10 new cars purchased in Singapore is a Nissan.

Nissan's Reputation (02:26)

The company's profit margins are 50% higher than the industry average. By the time Ghosn steps down as CEO, people see him as a corporate superhero.

Credits: Nissan (00:32)

Credits: Nissan

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Nissan was propelled as a global brand when it won races against big names, like Porsche. But in 1999, the iconic Japanese car maker was on the verge of bankruptcy, with billions in debt and outdated cars. This program reveals how one man drove Nissan's dramatic turnaround.

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