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Introduction: There's Something You Should Know (01:43)


Band members and other celebrities recall the popularity of the British new wave band, Duran Duran, in the 1980s. This opening montage includes snippets of several of the group's smash hits, including “Girls on Film,” “Rio” and “The Reflex.”

Down Memory Lane (03:04)

Band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor climb into their first “tour bus” and listen to a demo cassette of their first album. Early versions of “Faster Than Light” and other tracks bring back memories, and inspire the occasional cringe.

Band Formation (02:58)

Rhodes and John Taylor, the band’s founding members, recall growing up near one another and bonding like brothers. Rhodes goes through old ticket stubs from Blondie, Patti Smith, and Roxy Music concerts. Roger Taylor recalls teenage expectations that he would be a manual laborer.

New Band Members (03:23)

Pop star Boy George describes the popular club where Duran Duran used to rehears. Band members recall working at the club and their first impressions of Andy Taylor and Simon Le Bon.

Cherubic Singer (02:09)

Le Bon revisits St. John the Baptist Church, where he was a choirboy for four years. It is a place that was important to his musical development. Le Bon and the choirmaster listen to recording of Le Bon singing hymn.

Ready to Conquer the World (02:25)

Band members recall the cocky attitude and flamboyant, androgynous fashion that followed their first record deal. John Taylor describes an encounter with iconic artist Andy Warhol.

Flamboyant Fashion (03:41)

Rhodes meets fashion designer Antony Price to revisit some of the band's old outfits. They find a frilly blouse from the “Planet Earth” video and a leather suit from the "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" album cover.

Scrutiny and Fast Living (02:49)

John Taylor recalls being panned by NME after a show in Nottingham. Rhodes recalls the point at which the band started to get mobbed. Le Bon and others discuss the band's glamorous lifestyle. The band’s self-titled album went platinum and reached No. 3 on the UK charts.

Conquering America (03:55)

The band followed its debut album with "Rio" in 1982. The second LP established the band as an international phenomenon. Rhodes tells the story of the cover, which was illustrated by Patrick Nagel. John Taylor visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cutting Edge Music Videos (06:18)

Producer Mark Ronson meets John Taylor at the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. They discuss the evolution of the band's sound and the post-punk era. Insiders tell stories about the making of the “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” videos.

"Seven and the Ragged Tiger" (05:24)

Band members revisit their time living in the south of France, which was characterized by partying and escalating drug use. They recall the insanity of touring America in support of the third record.

Dysfunction and Live Aid (02:17)

Band members recall getting burnt out during the “Ragged Tiger” tour. Le Bon explains the origins of Power Station and Arcadia. Roger Taylor explains how Duran Duran got involved with an iconic benefit concert and why he quit the band.

Fourth Studio Album (04:00)

The band characterizes the making of "Notorious" as a time of uncertainty and fighting for their careers. Nile Rodgers recalls producing the band, which had become a trio with the departure of Andy Taylor. Rhodes recalls getting push-back from Capitol Records for sounding too "urban."

Comeback Album (03:34)

Band members recall making "The Wedding Album" at a time they wanted to redefine the band's sound. Nick Egan explains why he is so proud of working with Duran Duran. John Taylor says the album allowed the band to overcome the stigma of being associated with the ‘80s.

Together Again (08:22)

Band members recall the circumstances that led to Duran Duran's reunion tour in 2004. The original band members had not shared the same stage for 18 years leading up to the first show in support of "Astronaut." Andy Taylor quit the band again in 2006.

"Paper Gods" (02:22)

Duran Duran reunited with Rodgers and also enlisted the help of Ronson for their 14th studio album, which cracked the top 10. Singer Janelle Monae appears on the single, "Pressure Off." Band members contemplate the future.

Credits: Duran Duran — There's Something You Should Know (00:42)

Credits: Duran Duran — There's Something You Should Know

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