Titles in this Series

Riders for Health

Item #: 188142

Water Management

Item #: 188143

Sustainable Fishing

Item #: 188144

Hero Rats

Item #: 188145

Partners in Health

Item #: 188146

Friends International

Item #: 188147

Educating Girls

Item #: 188148

Microfinance & Poverty

Item #: 188149

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In Helping Social Entrepreneurs, Alvin Hall, a business and financial expert, is travelling the world helping social entrepreneurs become more successful. He meets businessmen cum entrepreneurs who are doing something to improve the lives of people. In his travels Alvin deals with such issues as education for girls in Africa, water management by farmers in India, demining by rats in Mozambique and helping streets children in Cambodia. Above all, his aim is to help the social entrepreneurs to make their work more efficient, sustainable and give it longevity, so that the organisation that they started continues long after their departure.

Length: 200 minutes

Item#: BVL188141

Copyright date: ©2018

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