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Introduction: Sleep Matters (02:13)


More than a third of Australians wish they could get more sleep. In this documentary, Lawrence Leung attempts to learn the secrets of getting a good night’s sleep.

Why Do We Sleep? (05:42)

Dr. Angela D’Rozario teaches Leung about the relationship between sleep and memory. She monitors Leung’s brain activity with an EEG cap as he sleeps She tests his recall before and after a 90-minute nap.

Sleep Cycles (03:38)

Danny Eckert teaches Leung about the four stages of sleep using models that translate brain waves into light and sound. Sleepers cycle through four stages approximately every 90 minutes; their bodies undergo distinct physiological changes during each stage.

Getting Enough Sleep (04:47)

Four out of 10 Australians are not getting adequate sleep, costing the country $66 billion a year. New parents Brooke and Chris Gregory are up several times a night with their 5-month-old daughter. Brooke takes a sleep onset latency test.

Night vs. Morning People (03:57)

Science suggests night owls and morning larks are two distinct chronotypes. Owls tend to outperform larks on most intelligence measures, but they are also more prone to smoking, drinking, and other bad habits. Larks are more cooperative, agreeable, and conscientious than owls.

Night Shift (05:02)

Disc jockey Hau Latukefu is among more than 200,000 Australians who regularly work nights. People have evolved to be diurnal, so working when they should be sleeping is not healthy.

Sleep Deprivation Experiment (07:10)

Leung stays awake for 24 hours. He performs various tasks and tries to write new jokes while fighting drowsiness. Prof. Shantha Rajartnam discusses functions that are impaired by lack of sleep.

Sleep Deprivation and Performance (06:00)

Leung performs at a comedy club after having been awake for more than 40 hours. He struggles to read the audience and remember his jokes. Later, he returns to the lab for results.

Drowsy Marsupials (03:49)

Andrew Phillips describes sleep patterns in animals, which vary according to the demands of their environment. Humans largely do not change sleep patterns, but we are the only animal that puts off sleep unnecessarily.

Sleep and Elite Athletes (05:23)

Cricket player Alex Blackwell explains the role sleep plays in improving her performance and her strategies for improving sleep quality. Sleep is essential to the release of hormones and tissue regeneration.

Going Off the Grid (06:21)

In Daylesford, Meg and Patrick Jones tout the merits of a rustic lifestyle. Leung sleeps pretty well after a day of simple, physical activity and a quick sauna, sans screen time.

Credits: Sleep Matters (00:19)

Credits: Sleep Matters

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Lawrence Leung lives a busy life: he's an actor, a comedian, and a dad of a young daughter. He doesn't always get enough sleep and often wonders if he should be getting more. In this episode of Catalyst, Lawrence explores the latest science behind sleep to find out what he's missing out on—and if he needs it at all.

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