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Lunar Mission (02:12)


The Australians played a major role in the Apollo missions. The program ended in 1972 and no mission has returned to the moon since. There is a new race to reach the moon and create a lunar base.

SpaceX Rocket (06:21)

Alan Duffy witnesses the launch of the privately-owned rocket at Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX has successfully launched 42 Falcon 9 rockets into space. The company debuted the Falcon Heavy rocket, which will take people to the moon.

New Moon Race (01:48)

Japan, China, and India have plans to send a mission to the moon in the 2020s. Private companies are also looking to send robots to the lunar surface.

Apollo Missions (06:52)

Over 400,000 people worked on the Apollo program for NASA. The Saturn V rocket is still the most powerful rocket ever built. All calculations for Apollo were done without computers or modern technology.

Mojave Spaceport (06:01)

Pioneers of the new space race try ideas at the test center in California. Many are private citizens and companies leading the push to separate government and space exploration. Masten Space Systems is developing spacecrafts that operate more like airplanes.

Rocket Design (03:30)

Interorbital Systems has been operating in Mojave for over 20 years, with the goal of creating custom-made rockets. The lightweight, carbon fiber modules can be grouped together to reach the moon.

Lunar X Prize (02:31)

Five privately funded international teams are competing to be the first to get a robot to the moon. The goal is to create innovation within space science. iSpace funds the Japanese team; the Indian team uses all Indian produced materials.

NASA and the New Moon Race (01:56)

NASA is developing a heavy lifter rocket called the Space Launch System to take astronauts to the moon and eventually Mars. The launch date has been pushed back until 2020.

Australia's Early Space Contributions (06:41)

NASA's first foreign deep space receiving station was in Island Lagoon. Photographs of the lunar surface, which helped map it and determine Apollo landing sites, were processed at the facility. The Australian government committed to creating a space agency in 2017.

Lunar Exploration (04:00)

Searching for water at the moon's poles could be a goal of the new moon missions. Water on the moon could change ideas about colonizing space.

Space Travel (07:49)

Andy Thomas explains the process of going into space. A highly reliable living system would need to be created before humans could live in space. Jan Woerner is developing the idea of a moon village.

Credits: Back to the Moon (00:24)

Credits: Back to the Moon

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The race to the moon is back on. After a quiet half-century since the last Apollo mission landed on the moon, Associate Professor Alan Duffy takes us inside the new space race, where innovators and big dreamers are rewriting the rule book on space exploration.

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