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Intro: How to Exercise Better (02:08)


Doctors Caroline West and Shalin Naik head to the Australian Institute of Sport to explore the science of exercise. They examine how to get the most benefit from exercise, the best ways to recover, and how to adjust workouts according to age.

Formula Ones of Fitness (02:38)

The Australian Institute collects data from Olympic gold medalist Chloe Esposito and other elite athletes to learn how to improve performance. David Hughes invites West and Naik to test their fitness.

Fitness Test (04:16)

Naik and West mount an exercise bike to test their aerobic fitness, an important factor in life expectancy. Sally Clark gradually increases resistance to determine their VO2 max.

Test Results (03:11)

West and Naik take a fasting blood glucose test before Hughes and Clark reveal their fitness results. West is in exceptional shape for her age and gender; Naik’s fitness is fair. Naik is concerned about his blood levels due to family history and ethnicity.

High-Intensity Training (05:48)

Naik realizes he must overcome his resistance to exercise. Health benefits kick in with moderate levels of physical activity. He meets Tracey Menzies at the AIS Aquatic and Fitness Center to discuss workout intensity.

Aging and Muscle (04:47)

Muscle mass generally peaks around age 30 before gradually declining. New research suggests people who keep challenging their muscles can maintain and even increase mass well into old age. Nutritionist Louise Burke explains the correlation between muscle and metabolism.

Human Genome and Sport (06:03)

Naik and West hope to use mail-in DNA tests to create personalized workouts. Nicole Vlahovich and Maria Koslovkaia collect reams of data on injury risk. The science does not yet allow for reliable predictions of what works.

Limits of Body Mass Index (04:43)

Calculate BMI by dividing weight by height squared. West recruits 6' 4" basketball player Eziyoda Magbegor and rugger Ellia Green to test the formula’s lasting relevance.

Short But Efficient Workouts (04:48)

Some claim going "all-out" for as little as three minutes a week can be as effective as hours at moderate intensities. Clark shows Naik how to get the most out of high-intensity interval training, which can boost aerobic endurance, insulin receptor response and metabolism.

Resistance Training (04:02)

Strength coach Ross Smith gives West tips on weightlifting. His focus is not on building impressive physiques but on functional strength. It is important to keep challenging muscles in different ways.

Optimal Recovery (05:48)

Sports Scientist Barry Horgan recommends alternating hot and cold water immersion after intense workouts to maximize blood flow. Other recovery methods include compression boots, stretching, and cool-down laps. Seep is essential to tissue repair and the release of testosterone.

Nutrition and Exercise (04:07)

West joins Burke for lunch and learns dietary tips. Burke recommends eating a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and green vegetables. Eating protein every few hours after a workout can help build lean muscle.

Recap (02:49)

West and Naik review what they learned from their visit to the Australian Institute of Sport. Naik needs to incorporate regular exercise into his life. West plans to focus on strength training. They recommend seeking professional advice before starting a new exercise regime.

Credits: How to Exercise Better (00:17)

Credits: How to Exercise Better

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We all know exercise is good for us. But how many of us really know what kind of exercise we should be doing, how much of it we need, or how hard we should push ourselves? To find the answers—and help all of us live happier, healthier lives—general practitioner Caroline West and cell biologist Shalin Naik are putting their bodies on the line at Australia's toughest athletic training facility: the Australian Institute of Sport. They'll be stealing the latest sports science secrets from the Formula Ones of fitness to help all of us get fitter and stay healthy.

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