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Wildfire in Greece (02:58)


Reporter Eric Campbell follows Red Cross responders as they tend to Mati fire victims; many still live in damaged homes. The once seaside resort is scorched.

Unorganized Evacuations (04:15)

Firefighters were working elsewhere when swift winds carried the blaze through Mati. Many people could not avoid the flames; hundreds attempted escape by water. Private boats and the Coast Guard rescued 700, but many drowned or died of injuries.

Grief and Blame (06:17)

The Mati community memorializes 100 fire victims at an Orthodox service. Crisis Management Expert Costas Synolakis asserts poor planning caused loss of lives; police directed cars into danger. Citizens protest forced austerity.

Economic Crisis (05:19)

Giorgos Stathakis explains how forced austerity financially broke Greece; . Wages have decreased by 40% and cutbacks impact emergency services. Zoe Konstantopoulou blames the European Union's greed for lives lost in the wildfire.

Collective Failure (04:25)

Synolakis claims Greece's resources are sufficient to mitigate devastation. Illegal construction blocking escape routes is responsible for 26 deaths. Authorities now condemning unauthorized buildings previously sought to legalize them; the infrastructure minister believes disaster conditions are accumulative.

Struggle Forward (04:17)

Campbell reflects on the Academy of Athens murals. Mati citizens attempt to cope with losses. A deejay describes his house as once full of dancing friends; a fireman displays the backyard shrine to his wife and infant son.

Credits: Eye of the Fire (00:60)

Credits: Eye of the Fire

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It’s a tale of tragedy and heroism—and mind-blowing incompetence. Eric Campbell tells the story of one of the world’s deadliest wildfires and the Greek government's failure to adequately handle it.

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