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Sean Dorney (04:39)


Australian reporter Sean Dorney worked and lived in Papua New Guinea for almost 40 years. While battling motor neuron disease, he travels back to his wife Pauline Nare's home village on Manus Island. Dorney does not believe the statistics about poverty and unemployment truly explain life in the country.

Papua New Guinea's Education (02:07)

Dorney visits the local primary school, where his nephew, Alex, is the headmaster. The number of female students had doubled in recent years and more students are going on to higher education.

Papua New Guinea Preservation (01:23)

The tropical rainforests in the country are protected and have not experienced the same problems as other rainforests. The Tulu people, of Nare's village, are working to keep logging companies off their land because of the damage they have caused in other areas.

Port Moresby (05:12)

The capital city has grown rapidly, and crime and security are major issues. Dorney covered numerous major events in Papua New Guinea from the ABC bureau in the city and was briefly deported over a story. ABC's Eric Tlozek is the only Australian report still stationed there.

Dorney in Papua New Guinea Society (06:47)

Dorney played for the national rugby team in the 1970s, which gained him a level of notoriety that helped in his reporting. Nare's brother is now chief of their Tulu tribe and has Dorney initiated.

Australia and Papua New Guinea (08:17)

Dorney wishes the political relationship between the two countries was stronger. Australians played an important role in the defense of the country during World War II. Papua New Guinea was an Australian colony for more than 70 years and much of the population is still Catholic.

Credits: The Village (00:23)

Credits: The Village

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Correspondent Sean Dorney got thrown out of Papua New Guinea for his reporting, yet he received one of its top honors. He skippered its rugby team and fell for a local girl. Now suffering from motor neuron disease, he makes an emotional final visit to Manus Island, his second home.

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