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Introduction: On Top of the World (01:56)


Greenland actively feels the effects of global warming. Reporter Eric Campbell explains how one degree in temperature rise transforms ice into water.

Inuit Photographer (07:56)

Adam Lyberth lives inside the Arctic Circle; he keeps a photo journal of icecap changes. In three years, Russel Glacier has lost 30% of its ice; lakes are disappearing and bushfires now occur.

Scientific Perspective (02:38)

The Arctic icecap holds 8% of the world's fresh water; aerial views reveal rivers of meltwate. Greenland Climate Research Center's Thomas Juul-Pedersen confirms rapid melt acceleration since 2004.

Benefits of Heat (04:57)

Kangerlussuaq High School students learn how global warming impacts their community; one describes her life and apathy regarding global warming. Many Greenlanders welcome weather changes, not believing them permanent. Farmers capitalize on longer growing seasons.

Impacts of Rapid Warming (05:47)

Kenneth Hoegh and Campbell revisit a farmer previously enjoying extended summers; his lands now experience droughts, extreme weather, and prolonged insect attacks. At Prince William Sound, glacier ice has receded three kilometers; the men walk on land previously ice-locked for 6,000 years.

New Industries (02:47)

Fish account for 90% of Greenland's export income and fisheries profit from climate change. Warm waters and nutrient-rich glacier melt create ideal conditions for marine life. Mackerel has recently mass migrated to the area.

Problem and Opportunity (02:04)

Greenlanders can adapt to harsh, changing conditions; they see benefits and drawbacks to global warming. Lyberth explains how his high Arctic whale hunting ancestors became farmers. He shows Campbell a dying lake, asserting similar scenes are common on the icecap.

Credits: On Top of the World (00:52)

Credits: On Top of the World

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Is the world going mad when Greenlanders fight drought and brushfires and catch warm-water fish? A decade after discovering a farming boom in Greenland, Eric Campbell returns to see how locals are facing up to climate change.

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