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Engineering The Shard (05:54)


Clay base complicates London skyscraper construction. Dallas Campbell compares it to New York's rock foundation and resulting skyline. Britain's tallest building is set on 18,000 tons of concrete pilings set 53 meters deep.

Gaping Gill (06:07)

In North Yorkshire, a hole in the ground swallows a river, creating a 100 meter waterfall. Campbell repels into the limestone cavern. Several cave systems lay beneath Britain, the longest stretch runs 90 kilometers.

River Frome (03:33)

Campbell boats down a waterway under Bristol. He passes below shopping districts and the town center, emerging in the harbor six hours later. Britain features several covered channels.

London Culvert (05:27)

During the 19th century, citizens use River Fleet for raw sewage disposal; Victorian engineers convert it into a massive sewer system. Campbell assists with maintenance, helping workers break up blockages formed by congealed grease.

Bath, England (05:18)

In Mendip Hills, a stream plummets down a hole, traveling deep underground and warming until its forced to the surface in Britain's famous spa town; the process takes 10,000 years. Ancient Romans founded the city surrounding the hot springs, known for medicinal properties.

Basalt Fortress (03:19)

Edinburgh castle is built on rock; the city developed around it. Approximately 350,000,000 years ago, the area was an active volcano. During the Ice Age, glaciers carved away softer stones, leaving an elevated, hard foundation.

Lake District Countryside (10:10)

Campbell explores the roots of Britain's oldest oak tree using ground penetrating radar; results reveal how it stays upright. Fungi, microscopic organisms, and bacteria help it obtain nutrients from the soil.

Below North Sea (06:52)

Most of Britain's forests have been cleared for agriculture. Campbell travels through kilometers of tunnel, reaching England's deepest place, a massive potash mine. Onsite scientists search for dark matter, believing zero radiation levels opportune for discovery.

Credits: World Beneath Your Feet: Building Britain (00:34)

Credits: World Beneath Your Feet: Building Britain

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