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Yakushima (04:30)


The northernmost island of Japan's Southwest Island chain features forested mountains. Macaques and sika deer share a habitat; young monkeys ride on their neighbors. Deer eat food dropped by foraging monkeys.

Living near Sakurajima (05:41)

Volcanic activity created the Southwest Islands. Japan's most active volcano has erupted for sixty years; 500,000 people live nearby. Children wear protective helmets and clean ash from their school. Visitors take sand baths on the beach.

Kuroshio Current (05:12)

Coral reefs thrive in the warm water. A bluestreak cleaner wrasse eats parasites from a batfish and a manta ray.

Kudaka Island (05:12)

Venomous sea snakes have few natural predators in coral reefs. Yoko and Setsuko hunt them in dry land caves at night. Then they smoke the serpents, a local delicacy.

Ogimi Longevity (02:12)

Many residents of an Okinawan village credit healthy lifestyles for long lifespans. Sumiko, 96, cycles and gardens. The Okinawan diet includes homegrown vegetables.

Mozuku Aquaculture (03:45)

Around Okinawa, farmers cultivate seaweed beds and use vacuum technology for harvesting.

Iriomote Island (05:20)

Geographical isolation encourages adaptation. The Ryukyu wild boar has shrunk to half the size of mainland boar species. A pregnant female sniffs out a green turtle nest for eggs.

Tarama Island (04:18)

Blueberry hermit crabs have settled on the remote island. Giant robber crabs can live to sixty years and measure a meter in diameter. A female navigates a village and risks drowning to deposit her eggs in the ocean.

Tropical Storms (06:54)

Summer typhoons batter the Southwest Islands. Human inhabitants have built fortified homes; macaques huddle together for safety. On Yonaguni, a caterpillar builds a storm-resistant cocoon and transforms into an Atlas moth. Learn about her mating behavior.

Yonaguni Underwater Pyramid (04:08)

In 1986, a diver discovered what appeared to be a sandstone monument. Some scientists believe it was formed by natural forces; others believe it was built by a lost civilization.

Credits: Wild Japan: Southwest Islands (00:30)

Credits: Wild Japan: Southwest Islands

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In the far south of Japan, there is a chain of islands stretching towards the tropics?—a place where all life is influenced by the power of the sea, and where volcanoes and typhoons are forces to be reckoned with. The journey begins at an island at the top of the chain and travels south, revealing unexpected stories of isolation, unique wildlife, and unsolved mysteries.

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