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Trusted Family Members (03:49)


Dogs are loyal, fun, loving companions. This episode will examine how wolves became the ideal family pet. Dogs provide unconditional love; 99.8% of their DNA is grey wolf.

Communication (06:47)

Human beings speak "Motherese" to dogs. High pitched tones and repeated phrases inform dogs and children they are being praised. Allen James describes how his sheep dog escaped and ran over 400 miles home after he was relocated to a farm in Cambria.

Dogs Need Security (02:17)

Dogs obtain confidence from being part of a family. Without an owner present dogs get nervous with strange objects and his or her heart rate is elevated.

Primal Instincts (06:05)

Dogs are ideal family pets because of its wolf-like instincts. They can understand family dynamics and hierarchy. African wild dogs can kill on eight of ten hunts and live in packs of up to 30 animals.

Teamwork in Domesticated Dogs (03:01)

Dogs turn to owners for help when treats disappear. Researchers study how dogs respond to human's emotions and stress levels.

Strong Bonds (04:07)

Jo Warburton discusses adopting Alonso who was suffering from depression after Jack found a home. See footage of the two reuniting after spending 15 months apart.

Love Hormone (02:23)

Dogs obtain a rush of Oxytocin when being loved by their owners. Dogs love being a part of the family and want to protect their pack at all costs.

Rescue Operation (05:05)

Sako protected Joseph Phillips-Garcia, provided warmth, and gathered wood for two days.

Family Guardians (07:10)

Dogs will bark at mailmen because they fear an invasion. Hunter/gathers would domesticate the friendliest wolves. The Africanis live among the San people in Namibia.

Different Roles (06:17)

Pekinese was bred to be both a fluffy companion and a concealed weapon. The Komondor's dreadlocks protected the dog against marauding bears. "Guy Mannering" popularized the Dandie Dinmont and turned the breed into treasured pets in Great Britain.

More Companionship (02:33)

There are over 400 pure breeds of dogs. New cross-breeds include the cockapoo, cavachon, and puggle.

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 3 (00:29)

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 3

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Dogs share over 99% of their DNA with the grey wolf, and yet during their more than 10,000 year history within our homes, several key features have emerged to mark them apart - most importantly the incredible bonds they can form with us. As the world's first domesticated animal, we've spent longer around our canine companions than the wheel, and as such they hold a special place in cultures around the world; in fact new science is revealing how even looking into your dogs' eyes releases love hormones in us both, just one reason our two species have grown closer than ever before...

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