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Teamwork (02:50)


Dogs are loyal, fun, loving companions. This episode will examine working relationships; most canines were bred to carry out a specific job.

Law Enforcement (03:21)

German Shepherds are loud, fierce, and large. Midge, the world's first police Chihuahua, has an impressive resume of arrests, seizures, and searches. Because she is so much smaller, she can get into areas that larger animals cannot reach.

Hidden Talents (05:31)

Every dog has working capabilities. Chihuahuas are known for being fiercely loyal to their owners. Collie Joey helps herd sheep in the mornings; dogs have a wider field of vision than humans.

Experiment (02:45)

Learn how to see if a dog would prefer to follow an owner's command over its own needs. Puppies rely on their sense of smell to explore the world and process information.

Early Detection (04:14)

Holly alerts Amy when her blood sugar drops too low; she notifies her owner before any symptoms occur. Dogs can detect illnesses like cancer from our breath. Coco can tell Claire and Laura, who are identical twins, apart.

Excellent Senses (03:14)

Pixel processes thousands of new smells and can sniff odors from two weeks ago. Dogs can hear ultrasonic frequencies omitted by bats and detect ultraviolet light.

Excellent Swimmers (06:45)

Scientists discovered that dogs can predict when an owner will return home from work by the level of his or her scent in the air. Dogs instinctively know how to swim and can shake out 70% of the water in their coat in just four seconds. Toni Curtis describes how a Newfoundland rescued her when she was drowning.

Extraordinary Strength (05:06)

The average small dog can jump twice its height and bite harder than a polar bear. A racer prepares her Alaskan husky team for a race in Norway. All dogs need to act as one.

Understanding Emotions (04:58)

Dogs can empathize and want to care for us. Trevor Thomas hikes with his wilderness service dog, Tannille. By the tension of the lead, he can tell what is occurring in the environment.

Good Service Dog (02:28)

Scientists believe that right pawed dogs are more likely to become guides. Animals with counterclockwise hair swirls are more likely to pass any tests.

Best Friends (04:05)

Ricochet is a therapeutic assistance dog who encourages those with disabilities and special needs to surf. Child development experts believe that some children trust animals more easily than humans. Surfing lessons help West's self-confidence and well-being.

Friendship with Other Species (04:13)

Nattie fulfills the role of a surrogate mother to a litter of five cheetah cubs. The Jack Russell terrier detects snakes and potential dangers on walks. Enthusiasm and cooperation make dogs great working partners.

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 2 (00:30)

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 2

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We now recognize over 400 breeds of dog, each with its own fascinating, often mysterious history—in fact we have bred dogs for just about every job you can imagine; and as our modern world changes, dogs have adapted alongside us. The unparalleled cooperation between us and our dogs has led to some of the most remarkable partnerships on earth, from sheepdogs to guide dogs; and dogs bring everything from their super senses to obvious enthusiasm to all their various roles in our modern world.

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