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Why Are Dogs Man's Best Friend? (03:29)


Dogs are loyal, fun, loving companions. Each dog is directly descended from wolves. Wealthy people prefer pugs while individuals who are higher educated favor golden retrievers.

Bond Between Man and Dog (05:46)

Tweed makes eye contact with her owners to form a connection and follow her owner's gaze. Dogs learn by watching us. Titi and Carmello cliff dive together; dogs trust owners to make the right decision.

Unique Genetic Stamp (07:19)

Nose prints are unique and form patterns. Dogs read facial expressions; the right side of our face is more expressive than the left. Flora detects early warning signs that Robert is about to blackout.

Power of Observation (09:08)

Mabel modifies her behavior to earn her owner's approval. Chaser can identify each of her toys by name. Some scientists believe dogs have the same intelligence as a two-year-old child.

Understanding Dogs (02:23)

Shadow gives his owner a warm welcome home through body language. Wagging a tail to the right demonstrates that a dog is happy. Dogs have three times more muscles than humans.

Great Companions (08:05)

Owning a dog improves health. Neo practices parkour with his owners; Missy and her owner tandem paraglide. Dogs experience the same rush of hormones as humans do.

Seeing From Our Perspective (06:14)

Elsa demonstrates her understanding that a person asks for toys that they can see. George helps Bella gain independence and confidence.

Social Animals (03:57)

Dogs crave company and have a special gland in their rear that reveals gender, diet, and emotional state. Males hope to attract female dogs by urinating as high as possible. Smaller dogs will growl when they feel small.

Different Breeds Meeting (03:07)

Dogs recognize other breeds of dogs. Human beings gravitate to animals that share characteristics in our own families.

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 1 (00:29)

Credits: The Secret Life of Dogs: Episode 1

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With nearly a billion estimated worldwide, it is surprising that only recently have we really begun to understand the lives of our beloved dogs, with scientists just starting to uncover their emotional and intellectual genius. Through their extraordinary powers to read our emotions, take our perspective, and exceed our physical ability, our closest companions have been able to join us in all walks of life—truly earning the name man's best friend.

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