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Feeding Hierarchy (06:16)


Sow Becky nurses 11 newborns; first feedings are chaotic and confrontational. Front nipples produce the most milk and those that claim them grow bigger and stronger. After establishing order, sucklings return to the same teats at every meal.

Farm Wildlife (04:44)

British wheat fields are home to harvest mice, Europe’s smallest rodent. Prehensile tail loops provide balance and agility. During reaping, the less nimble mice perish; Red Kite raptors follow farm equipment, scavenging on their victims.

Pig Types and Brainpower (06:09)

All 500 pig breeds descend from Eurasian wild boars and are known for their intelligence. Prof. Lisa Collins conducts experiments at Leeds University Farm, testing a one-year-old's cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and social learning.

Suburban Kunekune Pigs (03:10)

Snout and Crackling are pets living in a Westland backyard near London. They mingle with neighbors and other domesticated animals. They respond to training like dogs, but maintain social hierarchy, treating humans as equals.

Meadow Dominator (05:21)

By three weeks, Becky’s piglets establish hierarchies; they and their cousins move to larger outdoor areas. Lambs and calves socialize within herds and the farm’s white lop-eared rabbit seeks playmates in the pasture. Sheep accept him into the flock despite his attempts at bullying.

Smart Farm Animals (04:54)

Buttercup Sanctuary’s Robert Hitch explains the evolution of goat intelligence. He tests Princess, presenting her with food she cannot attain, and she requests his assistance. Domestic breeds are descendants of Bezoar Ibexes, inheriting their agile anatomy and climbing skills.

Pig Expression (02:57)

Becky leads her family into shady forests to nap until it becomes cool enough to forage and frolic. Playtime tests body limitations and encourages development of hierarchies, social skills, and communication skills. Researchers recognize 20 grunts, expressing dominance, pleasure, and food locations.

Olfactory Experiments (05:39)

At eight weeks, Becky’s piglets learn to use their snouts; tactile receptors can detect odors 11 kilometers away. Farmer Lauren Smith illustrates their acute sense of smell and emotional intelligence by concealing food in controlled experiments and around the farm.

Working Animal (03:11)

Powys Forest Horses founder Nick Burton uses a draft mare to restore woodlands surrounding Ceunant Farms. For hundreds of years, new tree species have crowded native types, inhibiting growth. Elsa adeptly hauls trunks while her size allows her to navigate the underbrush.

Regulating Temperature (02:21)

Exposed skin makes pigs vulnerable to sunburn. They have no sweat glands or ability to pant; high body fat content and torsos that store warmth challenge them during hot summers. Wallowing keeps pigs cool.

Rewilding (04:10)

At Knepp Castle Estate, 30 Tamworth pigs roam 3,500 acres of varied grazing habitats. They forage for food, optimizing seasonal offerings. Rooting has transformed the area, attracting insects and endangered birds.

Credits: Secret Life of Farm Animals: Pigs (00:33)

Credits: Secret Life of Farm Animals: Pigs

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It's harvest season. We follow a litter of piglets from birth as they grow up in the Brecon Beacons. We test the theory that every piglet always returns to the same teat to suckle; show that pigs love mud to keep cool because they have practically no sweat glands and we show how intelligent they are with a series of puzzles. We also reveal that they are masters at the art of deception. Pigs tell porkies! Along the way we meet a pair of Kunekune pigs raised as domestic pets in the heart of London.

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