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Ocean Hunters (01:45)


In this episode of “Round Planet,” narrator Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas) explores the depths of Earth’s oceans. He focuses on “underdog assassins” and other occupants of the feature that covers two-thirds of the planet.

Plankton Bloom (03:12)

The sun warms the coastal waters of Canada to create a bloom. A million organisms fill each liter of seawater. A swarm of moon jellyfish feed on small creatures; some become prey for fried egg jellyfish.

Cone Snail (03:13)

Tropical seas have few nutrients, but coral reefs provide food and shelter. This snail is the most venomous animal on the reef. It catches a fish and will not have to eat again for several days.

Pearlfish (01:52)

Beyond the coral reef, the slender fish has few places to hide from predators. It adapts by darting into the orifice of a sea cucumber. Some species eat their host’s gonads, while others procreate inside the body cavity.

Sarcastic Fringehead (02:46)

Kelp forests only grow in nutrient rich, shallow seas. A fringehead occupies an abandoned conk shell. and becomes territorial when another fringehead moves in next door. Later, it chases away an octopus.

Sunflower Sea Star (02:51)

A variety of strange creatures live at the bottom of the sea. The sea star is a fearsome if slow predator. A king crab rips off one of its limbs, but it will grow back.

Mass Molting (02:19)

Waters off the coast of Melbourne teem with crabs in winter. They shed their shells and wait for new ones to harden. A stingray looks for a meal.

Herring (05:50)

Fish flock to the coastal waters of British Columbia to gorge on microscopic animals; humpback whales feed on the herring. The herring move in sync, using fast repetitive ticks. The whales use their calls to create air bubbles and herd the herring.

Credits: Round Planet: Oceans (00:32)

Credits: Round Planet: Oceans

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Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas) celebrates the ugly and unconventional killers of the deep; from hospitable sea cucumbers to predatory starfish and deadly molluscs. Wedgewood feels a strong affinity with the ocean's "backroom boys" who play a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of the oceans' ecosystem. Armstrong is also keen to promote a certain cruise line, much to the chagrin of his long suffering producer.

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