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Madagascar (01:44)


Host Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas) investigates the world’s oldest island on this episode of “Round Planet.” Madagascar formed 88 million years ago and his home to many endemic animals.

Lemurs (04:13)

A mountainous plateau divides Madagascar into two distinct climates. The rainforest is home to over 100 species of lemur; indri are the largest. Every day, bamboo lemurs consume 12 times the lethal dose of cyanide.

Praying Mantis and Chameleons (03:40)

The insect predator uses a vice-like grip and 360 degree vision to catch prey. A chameleon makes a meal of the mantis; its tongue travels 20 feet per second. Two male chameleons fight over territory.

Pygmy Chameleon and Aye-Aye (02:50)

The pygmy chameleon is one of the smallest invertebrates on Earth. A male finds a female and follows her for days. The aye-aye has specialized fingers to tap trees in search of insects.

Western Madagascar (06:43)

Plants and animals have evolved to survive on little water. Spiny thickets provide habitat for the Verraux’s sifaka. The baobab tree stores up to 100,000 liters of water. Rainy conditions cause mouse lemurs to stir.

Ring-Tailed Lemur (04:26)

A lemur and wasp compete to catch a cicada. The cicada will provide a place for the wasp to lay eggs, but the lemur steals the insect. See Madagascar animals and "Round Planet Diaries.

Credits: Round Planet: Madagascar (00:31)

Credits: Round Planet: Madagascar

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Madagascar is an island of extremes. One side is "wetter than an otter's pocket" and the other "dryer than a camel's hoover bag." Such diversity in landscape and wildlife not only makes for a fascinating film, but was also the motivation for our narrator, esteemed natural historian Armstrong Wedgewood, to set up an "eco-resort" on the island in 1999. The trials and tribulations of the wildlife on Madagascar are mirrored in Armstrong's experience of his (now failed) eco-tourism venture.

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