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Enchanted Rainforest (02:36)


Host Armstrong Wedgewood (actor Matt Lucas) turns his attention to the world’s jungles and woodlands, which girdle Mother Earth producing oxygen for all her creatures. More than half of the planet’s plant and animal species live in this wet paradise.

Siamang Gibbon (01:43)

The largest of the gibbons is characterized by its large throat pouch, which can expand to the size of its head as it acts as an amplifier.

Cryptoses Choloepi (02:15)

Rainforest trees need to defend themselves, but thorns and toxic leaves do not deter sloths. Symbiotic bacteria in sloths' guts allow them to digest vegetation that is poisonous to others. Cryptoses moths live in their fur.

Farming Ants (01:39)

Leafcutter ants march across the rainforest floor. They transport leaf pieces to their home where they use it to grow a special type of fungus that they eat. A colony of 100,000 ants carries 3,855 square meters of leaves a year.

Nature's Undertakers (03:44)

Slime mold is part of nature’s plan to recycle trees back to soil. Mushrooms and other fungi perform a similar function as they break down lignin, the polymer that makes trees stiff. Cordyceps are parasitic fungi that prey on ants.

World's Smallest Gecko (03:02)

The pygmy gecko hunts for arthropods on the forest floor. This lizard has the ability to walk on water. Female frogs can filter through a cacophony of mating calls to find the right male.

Navigation by Sound (02:09)

Tenrecs comb the forest floor looking for worms. They have poor eyesight, but quills on their backs scrape together to make a noise that helps them find each other. Katydids and other creatures also use stridulation to get around.

Owl or Monkey? (02:37)

The tarsier is the only completely predatory primate on the planet. Their eyes are so big that they do not move in their sockets, but their heads can rotate nearly 180 degrees in either direction.

Small Asian Elephants (04:13)

The pygmy elephant is a vital component of a turbocharged ecosystem. They act as giant seed dispensers, dining on jackfruit and excreting its seeds. Many trees have evolved to grow fruit that attract elephants with their scent.

Credits: Round Planet: Forests (25:29)

Credits: Round Planet: Forests

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Rainforests are some of the planet's oldest and most established ecosystems. They are full of hairy things, stripy things, smelly things and scary things. More than a third of Earth's animals and two thirds of all the known plant species are found in these sopping wet habitats. Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas) reveals the astonishing diversity of creatures found in forests across the world, from the diminutive pygmy gecko to the cute, goggle-eyed tarsier.

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