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Frozen Wilderness (01:51)


Armstrong Wedgewood turns his attention to the Arctic. Its frozen landscape and waters are inhabited by arctic foxes, polar bears, and narwhals that do not mind the cold. Warming temperatures may be on the way thanks to human activity.

Winter Sunrise (02:30)

The sun comes up for the first time in nearly four months. A polar bear emerges from her den with two cubs in tow. This bear family heads down to the sea in search of food.

Fox vs. Afterbirth (02:24)

A famished Arctic fox is also on the lookout for a meal. She stumbles upon the carcass of a reindeer but passes it over in search of warmer grub. She approaches a group of muskoxen, hoping to steal recently discarded placenta.

Seal Hunt (02:39)

A polar bear stalks a ringed seal; it can smell one from as far as 30 kilometers away. The bear plays a game of hide and seek with its prey as the seal darts from one air hole to the next.

Springtime in the Arctic (02:33)

It is June, and the temperature rises to zero degrees Celsius. Cracks in the channels provide pathways for narwhals that have traveled thousands of kilometers in search of food. Their tusks are purely ornamental.

Search for a Mate (03:50)

With his stomach full, a male bear’s thoughts turn to finding a mate. He picks up a female’s scent and walks in her footprints as he follows her trail. Females are polygamous; males have to fight for their attention.

Thaw, Eat, Freeze, Repeat (02:25)

The Arctic tundra is transformed as summer finally arrives. The woolly bear emerges as the snow retreats. This caterpillar can survive being completely frozen, a state it remains in during the winter months.

Winter Quarters (02:57)

Millions of birds migrate to the Arctic during the summer months. Shearwaters are excellent divers, while guillemots are better built for bouncing. Snow and ice return, and a pregnant polar bear hunkers down for the winter.

Full Arctic Circle (02:42)

The polar bear and cubs emerge from their winter din. The Arctic is under siege from the growing threat of global climate change. The animals may go extinct, but this film will live on as long as humans have eyes.

Credits: Round Planet: Arctic (00:31)

Credits: Round Planet: Arctic

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Round Planet: Arctic

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Round Planet takes you to one of the most inhospitable habitats on earth: the Arctic. Plunged into darkness for four months a year and with temperatures dropping as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, the animals that live here are a hardy bunch. We follow the polar bears as they look for love and new life, and the Arctic fox as it searches for a meal and takes on some unlikely contenders. Our narrator, Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas), is no stranger to the Arctic. He feels a weight of responsibility to highlight the changes he has seen in this frozen habitat throughout his career.

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