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Operation Grand Canyon With Dan Snow

The Series Includes : Operation Grand Canyon With Dan Snow: Episode 1 | Operation Grand Canyon With Dan Snow: Episode 2
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A team of modern adventurers take on the massive challenge of reliving the first ever exploration of the mighty Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Tucked in the South West corner of America, no one had ever attempted to brave the Grand Canyon and its many dangerous rapids until a band of Wild West pioneers took it on in 1869. Nine men, led by a one-armed civil war veteran, Major John Wesley Powell, entered one of the world’s deepest gorges, with no real idea of what they were letting themselves in for. Powell’s expedition and his scientific survey of what had been called 'The Great Unknown' became part of the map of America. But, now, for the first time since 1869, a new group of nine men attempt to navigate all 280 miles of the Grand Canyon in the manner of the original expedition, in antique-style wooden rowing boats more fit for a museum than this wild white water!

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