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Inside the West Bank (05:42)


Israel has occupied portions of the area since 1967. Louis Theroux visits Silwan populated by several thousand Palestinians and 60 Jewish settlers. Israel is the only country that accepts a united Jerusalem.

Security Measures (02:12)

Yonatan and Davora Adler live in a Silwan neighborhood patrolled by private security guards. They recall sitting in a vehicle as it was stoned.

Havat Gilad (03:48)

Israel backs modern Jewish settlements which are considered illegal under international law. Yea Lieberman lives with three other men in a makeshift hilltop encampment. Palestinians are not equal to Jews.

Israeli Military Occupation (03:10)

A colonel in the Israeli Defense Force patrols a weekly Palestinian protest of a security barrier. Arabs throw stones.

Ateret Cohanim (03:33)

A foreign investor purchases an apartment building for Jewish settlers. A Palestinian explains that more units were taken than what the court ordered. Arabs are not allowed to sell to Jews.

Hebron, West Bank (06:04)

A tiny enclave of 700-800 Jewish settlers remains under military occupation. Yoni Bliechbard is the chief security officer. Palestinians cannot vote in an election. Theroux attends a bris at the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Givat Ronen (03:03)

After the Israeli army dismantles a house and goat shed, Jewish settlers set fires on a hilltop. Michael Ben-Ari shows support for the settlement. Nir Levi tries to extinguish the fires.

Nabi Saleh (06:08)

The Israeli settlement Halamish abuts the town. Theroux attends a protest march; the Israeli Defense Force arrests a Palestinian youth. A man apologizes for throwing stones at Theroux. Israelis destroy Gaza; the IDF withdraws after throwing tear gas.

Nablus, West Bank (04:36)

Jewish settlers rally with soldiers and politicians to regain control everything controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Christian tourists work land the international community believes is illegal. Jewish people are the chosen people.

Sacred Territory (02:09)

The West Bank is claimed by Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Theroux visits Luria at his home in Ma'ale Adumim. Two Palestinian men build a pergola for the feast of the tabernacle.

Yemenite Village (03:43)

Theroux and Luria travel into Silwan with a protected settler convoy. Arabs dump trash at a private residence. Ideology drives Jewish settlers who live in high-risk neighborhoods.

Hebron Tour (02:40)

By special arrangement, Jewish American visitors tour an Arab area. Theroux reflects on the possibility of more sterile zones.

Violence and Retaliation (04:49)

A report reveals that a settler guard in Silwan killed a Palestinian man. Riots erupts in East Jerusalem.

Living in the West Bank (06:02)

Theroux says goodbye to people he met. Lieberman vows to return if forcibly removed. Residents of Havat Gilad celebrate Sukkot. Luria reveals damage caused by Palestinians.

Credits: Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists (00:32)

Credits: Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

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Louis Theroux heads for the Middle East to join an extreme subculture of Jewish settlers who have set up home on the Israeli-occupied West Bank, examining how they live amid constant tension and conflict. They believe the land was promised to them by God thousands of years ago and as Louis spends time with them he finds them by turns friendly, shocking, warm and deeply troubling.

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