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G.W. Exotic Animal Park (10:39)


Louis Theroux visits a non-profit zoo in Oklahoma with the world’s largest big cat collection. Owner Joe Exotic and his team prepare for a rescue and tornadoes. A leopard and two tigers arrive before the sanctuary is put on lock down.

Living in Captivity (05:40)

Exotic takes Theroux on a tour of the park, explaining that behaviors differ in captivity; he is not concerned about their restricted existence. Exotic breeds tigers, despite criticism from animal rights groups.

Animal Road Show (02:45)

Exotic funds the park by touring shopping malls, allowing the public to take pictures with bear and tiger cubs. Keepers assert they enjoy human attention and are happy. Theroux interviews customers, who express desires to keep wild animals as pets.

Animals In and Need Indeed (09:52)

Tim Stark runs the roadside zoo in Indiana. He claims his bears enjoy their habitat and roam long distances in the wild out of necessity; most of his animals were purchased or bred. He introduces Theroux to a female baboon and white tiger.

Public Education (06:20)

G.W. Exotic Animal Park workers prepare for their annual expo; keepers attend for handler and care training. Theroux interviews monkey owners; primates are the most challenging wildlife to maintain.

Controversial Exotic Pet (05:05)

Chimpanzees are known to attack; Jill and Brad James own two. Jill bathes the youngest and describes their care and human food diet; she understands risks and potential behavioral changes. The male is let out and breaks a window in disapproval of the camera crew's presence.

Animal Park Resources (05:14)

Exotic explains how misleading reports on the treatment of animals hurts finances. Circumstances surrounding his brother’s death funded the sanctuary and closing is not an option. He would rather euthanize the animals than transfer them to another facility.

Missouri Primate Foundation (04:48)

Theroux visits chimpanzee dealer and breeder Connie Casey; babies sell for $40,000. Some of her animals are rescued pets and entertainers. She asserts she loves them and they reciprocate, but will no longer enter certain spaces.

Wildlife and Human Interaction (06:20)

GW Exotic Animal Park workers give an interactive tour, using tiger and wolf cubs for hands on play with customers. Management asserts the events will finance future operations. Exotic claims the animals have a good life; many are rescues and their only other option is euthanasia.

Credits: Louis Theroux: Beware Of The Tiger (00:34)

Credits: Louis Theroux: Beware Of The Tiger

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Traveling to America's heartlands, Louis Theroux spends time with an Oklahoma man who has bred and collected over 150 tigers, visits the woman who privately owns one of America's largest collections of chimpanzees, and finds himself in uncomfortably close contact with a number of big cats and dangerous primates.

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