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Ultimate Cold Case (02:15)


Jack the Ripper, the most infamous serial killer of all time, began his reign of terror in London’s East End in 1888. He was never caught. BBC has turned to some of Britain’s top criminal investigators in hopes of shedding light on the killer’s identity.

Canonical Five (02:48)

Jack the Ripper committed five gruesome murders in London’s Whitechapel district between August and November 1888. The killer had five known victims, but the exact number of women he killed has been debated. Forensic Physician Jason Payne-James demonstrates the use of an Anatomage Table.

Polly Nichols Murder (03:55)

The Ripper claimed his first known victim on Aug. 31, 1888. Payne-James displays wounds the killer inflicted on the 43-year-old woman’s throat, abdomen and groin. Criminologist David Wilson characterizes the attack as “overkill” and breaks down the killer’s infliction of instrumental and expressive violence.

Annie Chapman Crime Scene (03:45)

Jack the Ripper killed again at 29 Hanbury St. on Sept. 8, 1888. The original building is long gone, but show producers reconstruct its floorplan to gain insight into the crime. Wilson and show host Emilia Fox analyze the scene with forensic detective Peter Bleksley.

Double Event (07:13)

The Ripper murdered Liz Stride and Catherine Eddowes on Sept. 30, 1888. They were killed within a mile and an hour of one another. Fox and Wilson retrace the killer’s footsteps and revisit the eyewitness accounts of Israel Schwartz and Joseph Lawende.

Mary Jane Kelly Murder (05:34)

The Ripper’s last known victim is the only one to be murdered indoors, in her room at Miller’s Court. Fox, Wilson and Payne-James analyze a mockup of the crime scene, using notes taken by surgeon Thomas Bond, hoping to make sense of the crime.

Was Martha Tabram a Victim? (04:05)

Jack the Ripper’s frenzy of violence seemed to end with the Kelly murder. However, there were other unsolved homicides in Whitechapel around the time of the murders. Wilson speculates that a murder committed on Aug. 7, 1888 may be connected.

Make That "Canonical Six" (05:28)

Liaison officers Jackie Whitehead and Dave Hill provide access to HOLMES, a bespoke computer system that is used in every major murder investigation in the United Kingdom. It is used to examine 11 murders that took place in Whitechapel between 1888 and 1891.

Serial Killer's Home (07:33)

Wilson is confident that Martha Tabram was Jack the Ripper’s first victim. He and Fox recruit geoprofiling expert Sam Lundrigan who uses the locations of the six murders to speculate regarding where the killer lived.

Process of Elimination (03:48)

Wilson and Fox use the evidence they have gathers to rule out historical Jack the Ripper suspects. Wilson explains why Prince Albert Victor, painter Walter Sickert, merchant James Maybrick and American quack doctor Francis Tumblety were likely not the killer.

Who Was Aaron Kosminski? (05:45)

The favored suspect immigrated to London with his family in 1881 and lived in Sion Square near where Tabram’s body was found. He was paranoid, he suffered from auditory hallucinations, and he was institutionalized after threatening his sister with a knife.

Credits: Jack the Ripper - The Case Reopened (00:28)

Credits: Jack the Ripper - The Case Reopened

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In 1888, Jack the Ripper—the most infamous serial killer of all time—began his reign of terror in the East End of London. He committed five horrifically violent murders in Whitechapel between August and November of that year. There was a huge manhunt, but the Ripper was never caught. Since then, there has been endless speculation about who the Ripper was, what motivated his crimes, and how the killer escaped justice. Emilia Fox, the star of BBC One's Silent Witness, and Britain's top criminologist, David Wilson, team up to shed light on the Ripper case. They interview experts, use modern technology and reconstruct crime scenes as they reexamine the killer's modus operandi. In the end, they name the man they believe was responsible for the Whitechapel murders.  

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