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ISIS and Violence (03:47)


Filmmaker Tom Holland is revisiting his study of Islam to understand how ISIS twisted Islamic teachings into extreme violence. The elaborate threats and torture that sound like scripted violence from a video game horrifies Holland.

ISIS and Paris (07:27)

Paris is a common target for ISIS because they view it as the capital of prostitution and vice. Holland meets with a man who escaped ISIS but does not feel safe and a resident who witnessed the Bataclan shooting from his apartment window.

Religious Violence (07:12)

Throughout history, many people waged war in the name of religion, but ISIS is bringing it into a modern context. Holland claims the idea of jihad began when Muslim soldiers failed to capture Constantinople. The city, now Istanbul, has changed religions multiple times.

ISIS Leadership (08:07)

In 2014, Al Baghdadi was declared the new caliph. ISIS has declared parts of Syria and Iraq to be within the Islamic State and committed massacres against villages like Sinjar.

ISIS Beliefs (03:58)

Isis fighters are Sunni Muslims and often commit violence against Shia Muslims. ISIS follows a strict reading of the Quran and believes all Shias should be killed while people of other religions can avoid death through payment. The Yazidis are not mentioned in the Quran and experience the most violent treatment by ISIS.

Sharia Law (09:25)

Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the credited founder of ISIS, had a violent interpretation of Islamic law. Holland claims the god of Yazidism is similar to the devil-character in Islam, so ISIS views them as devil worshipers.

ISIS and Westernization (08:52)

When Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Egypt, he pressured Muslims to assimilate to western culture. Holland claims western writing about the prophet Muhammad has made him more Napoleonic.

ISIS and Revolutionaries (09:33)

Holland compares the violence of the November 2015 attacks in Paris to the French Revolution. Revolutionaries used apocalyptic Christian language to justify their actions. A goal of ISIS is to create followers living in western countries.

Credits: ISIS - Origins of Violence (00:30)

Credits: ISIS - Origins of Violence

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Historian Tom Holland traces the origins of ISIS's extreme violence, which it claims is justified by the tenets and scriptures of Islam: a claim contrary to most Muslims' interpretation of their faith.

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