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Greek Mythology (03:42)


Historian Robin Lane Fox is exploring the possible origins of Greek myths. The myths influenced art and philosophy for thousands of years, but nobody knows who wrote them.

Greek Dark Ages (06:27)

During the period, mainland Greeks had lost the art of writing, but myths remained possibly stemming from the island of Euboea. There were multiple sophisticated settlements on the island from the 10th to 8th centuries B.C. Pottery and artwork show the importance of Greek myths in the island's society.

Euboeans in Turkey (08:48)

Evidence shows the Euboeans used boats and their myths were open to be influenced and changed by new landscapes. Fox travels to a possible Euboean settlement in Turkey near Mount Casius, which is thought to be the inspiration for Mount Olympus. The mountain previously served as a religious site for the Hittites, who had similar myths about their gods.

Greek and Hittite Myths (07:41)

Fox travels to Hattusha, the Hittite capital, to explore how their myths influenced the Greek ones. The mountain home of the gods and how the king of the gods got his power are almost the same.

Euboeans in Cyprus (07:17)

The Euboaens met and traded with Phoenicians in Amathus, a stopover point between Turkey and Euboea. The Phoenicians were literate and possibly helped the Euboeans created the start of the Greek alphabet. The fertile god worshiped in Amathus is strikingly similar to Aphrodite.

Euboeans in Crete (07:13)

Fox climbs Mount Ida in Crete with local shepherds to attend a ceremony in a small Christian church at the top. In Greek mythology, Zeus was raised on the mountain after being hidden from his father, Cronus. The mountain had been part of worship on Crete for generations by the time the Euboeans traveled there.

Euboeans at Delphi (06:35)

The first temple to Apollo at Delphi on Mount Parnassus dates to the Greek Dark Ages. The oracle would state prophecies within the temple to Apollo, who was the god of prophecy. The Euboeans visited the site and would have seen the stone that played a role in Zeus' defeat of Cronus to become king of the gods.

Credits: Greek Myths - True Stories: Episode 1 (01:52)

Credits: Greek Myths - True Stories: Episode 1

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Robin Lane Fox begins with the lost empire of Turkey whose myths of creation were to influence the Greeks. In Crete, he visits the birthplace of the supreme Greek god Zeus, and at Delphi he pinpoints the moment when Euboean tales were transformed into the great poetry of Hesiod and Homer.

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