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Bandhavgarh National Park (02:26)


Tigress Raj Behra raises her new family. She is among the most formidable predators on earth, but her cubs are vulnerable.

Need to Hunt (05:10)

Chital call out, warning of Raj Behra’s approach. The tiger must find food, but leaving her cubs alone means they are vulnerable. She scares away a sloth bear, but her den is no longer safe.

Raising Cubs (04:19)

Raj Behra and her family move to a new lair and the cubs are as hungry for milk. Competition from rival tigers and the presence of humans make it less likely the tiger mother will raise her litter to adulthood.

Motherhood Responsibilities (03:35)

A peacock wakes Raj Behra and almost becomes a meal. The tigress must strike a delicate balance between hunting, scent marking her territory, and nursing her cubs. Her babies have started to explore.

Beyond the Den (05:52)

The cubs are finally stout enough to keep up with their mother. Raj Behra shows them around their turf and introduces them to a new diet. Her adult daughter, Solo, trespasses on their land.

Tiger Family (06:39)

The cubs are nine months old; typically, only half of a litter makes it to adulthood. Raj Behra no longer lets her cubs eat first and a pecking order emerges. Biba wanders off and meets her dad.

Drought Conditions (05:19)

The dry season begins and the park’s shrinking watering holes become magnets for thirsty wildlife. Langurs risk crossing open territory and one provides the tigers with much-needed sustenance. Another tiger wanders into Raj Behra’s territory.

Rivals and Hunting (05:09)

Distant roars signal trouble; Solo mates for the first time. Later, she returns to hunt deeper in her mother’s territory. Raj Behra’s cubs practice hunting skills.

Conflict and Injury (04:17)

Monsoon showers reinvigorate the park but make hunting more difficult for Raj Behra and her brood. The tigress is badly injured in battle. Biba must fend for herself and find her own territory.

Desperate Measures (04:45)

The male cubs are hungry and try hunting. Raj Behra leaves the safety of the park in search of easier prey. Park authorities capture the tiger and return her to her territory.

Credits: Dynasties: Tiger (00:37)

Credits: Dynasties: Tiger

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This episode of Dynasties follows tigress Raj Bhera, who has four new cubs. She must protect them while suffering through a drought and battling rivals that are constantly encroach on her turf. Will she hold on and raise her cubs to adulthood?

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