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Introduction: Painted Wolf (01:39)


Painted wolves are one of Africa’s most endangered predators. These pack animals thrive through teamwork and the strength and skill of their leaders.

Neighboring Packs (02:46)

For years, painted wolf packs led by Tait and her daughter Black Tip have lived in peaceful coexistence. But Black Tip’s pack needs more territory to hunt; an invasion of her mother’s turf seems imminent.

Pack Conflict (03:46)

Black Tip’s pack outnumbers her mother’s by two to one. The larger group ambushes the smaller one, forcing it to retreat. Tait’s pack crosses crocodile-infested waters to seek temporary refuge on lion turf.

Baboon Hunt (04:56)

Three months have passed since Black Tip’s invasion; it is now the dry season and the landscape is changing. Impalas have an edge over the painted wolfpack, which tries new prey.

Alpha Female (02:09)

Black Tip has five new mouths to feed. She leads hunting trips and is the only female that breeds. Mana Pools National Park is the safest territory for raising a litter.

Honey Badger Menace (03:40)

It has been four months since Tait’s pack was banished. Despite danger among the lions and far less prey, the alpha female recently produced her eighth litter. She now faces a new threat.

Risky Hunt (05:59)

Twice a day, Tait leads a hunting party to the Zambezi River. The painted wolves must sneak past lions to get into position for an impala hunt. A member of the pack is badly injured.

Pack Territory (04:15)

The dry season turns to drought. Black Tip’s pups are old enough to follow the pack and the alpha female focuses on marking her territory. She picks up her mother’s scent in the process.

Scent Tracking (03:24)

Black Tip and company search for the rival pack. Hyenas pick up the painted wolves’ trail, leading to conflict and the death of a pup. Seeming to mourn the loss, the pack forges into lion territory.

Avoiding Conflict (02:43)

Tait has kept her pack safe from the lions for eight months, but the wind carries a warning of impending danger; Black Tip is near. Tait and company do not want to fight.

Lion Threat (03:03)

Black Tip and her pack slumber in the hot sun. Lions attack and the pack scatters, leaving the pups in danger. The lions turn their attention to a cape buffalo.

Pack Casualty (03:43)

Black Tip and her pack stop their pursuit of Tait; the family is exposed to too many dangers. A crocodile ambushes the painted wolves, dragging one to a watery grave. The pack retreats to the safety of its territory.

Matriarch's Demise (02:13)

Tait’s pack senses Black Tip’s retreat. Their stolen territory is no longer occupied, and they appear relaxed for the first time since the conflict began. Age catches up with the alpha female, preventing her from returning home.

End of the Drought (04:07)

Tait’s pack attracts a band of roving males. They reclaim old territory and choose a new matriarch. The pack’s alpha female, Tammy, cares for a litter of pups; Black Tip produces 10 puppies.

Credits: Dynasties: Painted Wolf (00:37)

Credits: Dynasties: Painted Wolf

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This episode of BBC's Dynasties follows the leader of a great painted wolf family that is growing old. Her power to keep the peace is waning, and a feud with an ambitious daughter threatens to bring the dynasty down.

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