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Successful Hunt (07:35)


This episode of “Dynasties” follows the leader of Kenya’s famous Marsh Pride. The adult male lions have abandoned the group so it is up to its female leaders to provide. Charm brings down a wildebeest bull, but her main hunting partner, Sienna, is badly injured.

Eldest Daughter Helps Out (03:05)

Charm heads out for a night hunt and must act quickly with opportunistic hyenas on her trail. Her eldest daughter, Yaya, provides backup, and the outnumbered duo drives away its competition. Yaya is next in line to lead the pride.

Young Males (02:21)

Charm has a 3-year-old son, Tatu. He and his cousin, Red, test their strength against a two-ton hippo. Males leave their prides when they reach adulthood. Eventually, they will fight other males to take over a pride of their own.

Road to Recovery (05:35)

Sienna is back on her feet but in desperate need of food. She tries but fails to take down a wildebeest. Red goes exploring and stumbles into a pack of hyenas. His best friend saves him from a near-death experience.

On the Prowl (05:32)

After weeks of surviving on scraps, Sienna has grown strong enough to try to rejoin her family. Yaya is becoming a formidable hunter. Migrating wildebeest move on from the Maasai Mara, which means less food for the Marsh Pride.

Tainted Meat (07:50)

The lions eyes cattle that have been led into their territory to graze. Charm’s son becomes ill, and the entire pride shows signs of being poisoned by bait left by the cattle farmers. Sienna has gone missing again.

Interlopers (07:00)

Hunting is more difficult without Sienna, but Charm is relentless. Tatu and Red leave the pride; two new males show up and impose their will. The duo drives cubs away, despite Charm’s attempts to keep her pride together.

Rebuilding Mode (02:59)

Only Charm and Yaya remain of the Marsh Pride. The return of the wildebeest signals an end to lean times. Charm mates with one of the new males; if he is not sure her cubs are his, he will likely kill them.

Horned Menace (04:29)

Charm gives birth to a pair of cubs four months later. She has isolated her offspring from the pride to protect them. That leaves her alone to defend her offspring from Cape buffalo, which seek out and kill cubs when they can.

Bright Future (02:18)

Yaya pairs off with the other adult male, and Charm introduces her cubs to the rest of the Marsh Pride. With her daughter pregnant and her sons off starting their own prides, the matriarch has succeeded in continuing her pride’s dynasty.

Credits: Dynasties: Lion (00:36)

Credits: Dynasties: Lion

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The leader of a once mighty lion pride must now battle for their very survival. Can this extraordinary lioness save her family from disaster?

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