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Introduction: Dynasties (02:23)


Animal family life is beautiful and dramatic. In today’s world, ensuring the survival of the next generation has become ever more difficult.

Power, Politics, and Survival (01:43)

In Senegal, alpha male David rules a troop of chimpanzees. His authority ensures him the best of everything, but he is surrounded by rivals who ready to kill for his crown.

Alpha Male (04:35)

David has ruled the troop for three years. Alphas often rely on allies, but David is alone. Rivals Jumkin and Luthor lurk about as the chimps pause for a termite snack.

Alpha Support (04:49)

David must be political to maintain power. He forms an alliance with KL. Temperatures rise, worsening tensions. Jumkin attacks an elderly female and KL helps police the situation.

Territory Destruction (03:22)

Fires destroy three quarters of the troop’s territory. With temperatures rising, water is becoming dangerously scarce. The chimps venture to a dried-out riverbed to dig for a hidden source. KL continues to be a valuable ally.

Mating Season (02:56)

Three females have gone into heat. David must control them and his rivals to ensure he is the one to mate. David and KL are outnumbered as a massive melee errupts.

David is Dethroned (05:50)

David suffers from a savage beating. Females and babies approach to provide support and tend his wounds. The troop moves on to the nearest watering hole and David is left for dead.

Power Vacuum (04:46)

Luthor sees an opportunity to seize control and menaces the troop in a bid to become alpha. David musters the energy to search for food. He must rejoin the group before he is permanently exiled.

Reclaiming the Throne (02:30)

Luthor prepares for battle and spots David approaching. David must make himself look as big and strong as possible. The bluff pays off as Luthor declines a rematch.

Order Restored (05:11)

David reunites with KL and Luthor seeks forgiveness. David must hide the extent of his injuries and wait for another female to go into heat.

Chimpanzee Troop Flourishes (04:31)

A torrential downpour brings an end to the drought. David’s territory is transformed. David is healthier and his displays become more assertive.

Band of Power (07:12)

David starts grooming other males, creating allies. A female comes into season and David’s posse helps him intimidate rivals; the troop leader can mate peacefully.

Credits: Dynasties: Chimpanzee (00:36)

Credits: Dynasties: Chimpanzee

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In Senegal, West Africa, live a group of chimpanzees led by an alpha male named David. He has already been alpha for three years, a time by which leaders are usually overthrown. To make matters worse, David has no allies to help him defend his leadership. As the dry season sets in, David is surrounded by rivals that are prepared to kill for his crown. David faces brutal battles, has his territory engulfed in flames and must pull off an extraordinary act of deception. Can David overcome the threats to his leadership and hold on to the alpha position long enough to sire an heir to his throne?

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